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The Neal Morse Band - The Grand Experiment


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From www.nealmorse.com:

We are beyond excited to officially announce the coming of the highly anticipated Neal Morse Band album!The Grand Experiment, featuring the talents of Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy, Randy George, Bill Hubauer, and Eric Gillette, is sure to blow the minds of all prog fans and appeal to anyone who loves hooky songwriting with virtuoso performances from some of the best musicians in the world! Release date is February 10th, 2015, and pre-orders start at Radiant, January 10th, 2015.

For the first time ever prog icon Neal Morse came into a recording session with his long time friend and collaborator Mike Portnoy, Randy George, Bill Hubauer and Eric Gillette...with NOTHING! He had no prepared material at all. Neal comments, "I wanted to see what it would be like to create freely in the room with no preconceived notions. It was quite a risk!" On previous albums, like the Testimony album for example, Morse had the entire album written in advance. "I used to be rather paranoid about whether things would turn out in the short space of time we had available...so I would fill all the space in advance!" This album was totally different. "I made a lot of room for the other guys to create and express themselves and the result is outstanding! We wanted to experiment, do something a bit different, and see what everyone is capable of...we found out...in SPADES!" The results are obvious! This was a "grand experiment" that produced something far beyond anyone's expectations!

The Grand Experiment will be released in 3 formats:

  • Single Disc
  • 3 Disc Special Edition Digipak (containing the main disc, bonus audio disc featuring 3 unreleased studio tracks and 2 live tracks from the Morsefest weekend, and a "making of" documentary DVD in special packaging)
  • LP + 2CD Set (containing main disc, and bonus audio disc)

The main disc, contains 5 tracks, 2 long prog epics that are sure to be favorites for years to come, as well as 3 shorter songs including the catchy title track "The Grand Experiment." Mixed by Rich Mouser.

Track Listing:

  • Following the Call
  • The Grand Experiment
  • Waterfall
  • Agenda
  • Alive Again


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  • My Little Pony

I'll ask again, is this what he's calling his Prog band from now on? To clear confusion?

Anyway, I like the song AND the video! What was that; a Hasselhoff tribute? Ha!

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Haven't had chance to hear all of this yet, as the copy I got was dodgy and I had to send it back. Another one is on the way, so will report back when it arrives and I've spun it. My expectations are pretty high as he has been consistent as hell with most of his other solo stuff.

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