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Lucifer Rise - Poison Me (from forthcoming debut)


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From FB:


We’re sick and tired of not hearing good songs anymore. In this day and age, songs need to inspire, to leave the crowd motivated to face the trials and tribulations of life with passion and grit. We miss the good ol’ fashioned, breath-taking choruses, the scorching guitar riffs, the massive drums that kick your heart into overdrive and leave you sleepless for nights. The kind of songs that stick in your head like a starving leech and get the audience chanting like pissed off Viking warriors marching to war. And that’s exactly what we want to deliver. Therefore, after a few years in the making, the creative minds of Fylo (ex Scarlet Violet), Thee Piz (Dustineyes), Samael and John Elliot (Confess) have finally spawned a high-octane, in-your-face metal project that we hope will blow your minds. It is with great pleasure that we hereby present our brand new project, LUCIFER RISE.

Our first single "Poison Me" (recorded and produced by Andrea "Berni" De Bernardi at Eleven Recording Studio) is set to be released on 26th October on all major mp3 stores and streaming platforms.


Lucifer Rise:

John Elliot - Vocals

Fylo - Guitars

Thee Piz - Bass

Samael - Drums



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"We’re sick and tired of not hearing good songs anymore."


I like that, but sadly that song isn't really that great. It's good, but I'd like to hear better if they're going to live up to that bold claim. Good luck to them, though, and I'll be listening.

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