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Mystery - From Dusk Till Dawn


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From FB:


Dear friends and fans of MYSTERY, we are proud to announce that our album 'From Dusk Till Dawn' will be released in Europe on November 28, 2014 by the great people at our German label 'Metalapolis Records' and Distributed by 'DA Music'. The album will also be available in Australia on the same date. Look out for the release dates in other territories coming soon and don't forget to check out the track 'Die Another Day' from the album which will be featured on the movie 'Return To Nuke 'em High 2' also featuring an appearance by Lemmy from Motorhead amongst other celebrities. Rock On!
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booooooring, somebody (management, parents, whoever) is tryin to make this band out to be much bigger than they are, once the novelty of having a kiddie ''metal'' band is gone there's not much left though. these guys are even releasing a motion picture I mean check this out, it's embarrassing




of course they are still VERY young (15 or 16), if they keep at it they could become a good band 5, 6, maybe 7 years down the road. but as it is now..... no thanks

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Is all the music in that promo from the new album? If so, it sounds like they may have improved from their debut, which was pretty average. I'll try the new one out, just to see what the self inflicted fuss is all about.

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oh boy, they changed the entire lineup except for the lead singer / guitarist (and sort of try to make him a STAR), don't know where this is gonna lead to...... song sounds average (don't care that they're still young) with a not so good guitar solo......


this really makes it look like the singer's dad is trying to make his kid famous, but instead of dragging him to star search or x factor he wants him to ''succeed'' in the rock genre :whip:


by the time they're in their 20s they'll probably have different interests and give up playing rock music :D

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I will check out the new album as i ran into Rocky the singer/guitar player last night so i will form my opinion when he will drop a copy off to me in a couple of days.He is now 18 years old and with his Dad's help is still wanting to follow his dream no matter what and the original guys decided to stay at school and continue their studies.


His Dad does videos for bands so that is why he is pushing Rocky and the band in that direction as well to promote them.

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Super cheesy filmclip, but I like the musical direction. Definitely a lot more melodic / AOR than what I expected. Still ballsy, though. Yeah, it's not perfect, but I like it.

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