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Nubian Rose - Mental Revolution


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New album 'Mental Revolution' out in November.

From FB:

NEWS FLASH!!! Good news: Sofia is pregnant and will have a baby in August
Bad news: Nubian Rose have to cancel their performance at the Väsby Rock festival in July. At Sofias last ultra sound examination, the doctors gave her an earlier "delivery date" then what's been said before. That should mean that it's a fairly big chance that the baby will come just at the time of the festival. In a dialogue with the Väsby rock festival, it's decided that it's most fair to everyone to cancel the performance this far before the festival.

Other then that, the new album is being mixed, it sounds absolutely fantastic and it will be released in the fall.

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From FB:

Exciting days, babies and a record deals.
Nubian Rose are very proud to announce that we just signed a record deal with Livewire/Cargo records in London/UK. The new album is coming out in November!
Swedish hard rockers Nubian Rose have inked a deal with UK label Livewire/Cargo Records. Their sophomore album, 'Mental Revolution', is scheduled for a November release. The new album, mixed by Tobias Lindell (Heat, Hardcore Superstar, Europe), is armed with even heavier riffs, deeper melodies and a more mature production.
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Out November 24th.





01. War
02. Time Again
03. Illuminated Within
04. The Eye
05. Tough Guys Don't Dance
06. Break Out
07. Higher
08. You Will Never Walk Alone
09. (Taking This) Further
10. All Of Your Love

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It's, uh, good. Nothing special, just solid. Not a bad thing, as long as the rest is more melodic and interesting. :)

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I am hoping I haven't come across what could be my biggest album disapoint of the year in hearing this song. The band appears to have headed in a heavier direction and downsized personel wise, ditching the keyboard player and a guitarist.


For me it's been a fiesta of disappointments this year, so this would have to be pretty weak to rate near the most disappointing. 2014 is the first year since the "resurgence" in "our music" where I have thought that we've reached the peak and are on the downhill descent. It's inevitable, and we may be amidst is already. Have we passed our second coming of 1989-1991 and are we heading back into the equivalent of 1994 onwards?


It's different because these days there are ridiculous amounts of albums released, but the quality for the most part seems to be stuck in a similar place. There are a lot of "good" releases, but it's hard to pluck the truly great ones in 2014, imo, so far.


Anyway, wrong thread for this, but perhaps a thread for another time and another place.

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