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Perks of retail

Jacob M.

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A couple nights ago I remembered why retail can be fun. At the beginning of the night I was in snacks. A cute blonde girl came down my aisle with barely there jean shorts you could clearly tell she had made herself. The pockets were hanging down past the shorts. Before she left she handed me a bag of Doritos she had found that was busted. I told her I would think of something. I honestly wasn't sure what to do with it since it's a vendor item. A few minutes later I saw a brunette girl walking by with skin tight black shorts that were barely there. It appeared she had pantyhose on over it. I couldn't help but stare in awe. A few minutes later I saw another girl with a see through black mesh shirt on. Couldn't tell from where I was standing what she had on under it. Whatever it may have been it was still awesome.


By midnight reality began set in. The place is still hell. The eye candy was simply a temporary diversion. Shame because I think I could have a great time in a job like that if management didn't make it so miserable.

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