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Dan Reed Network - Anthology


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The pledge was a success and the cd is released May 30th.





A very underrated band IMO. Great songs.









Disc 1
1. Mix It Up
2. Resurrect
3. Tiger In A Dress
4. All My Lovin'
5. Take My Hand
6. Baby Don't Fade
7. Chill Out
8. The Lonely Sun
9. Doin' The Love Thing
10. Ritual
11. The Salt Of Joy
12. Wake Up
13. Halfway Around The World
14. Blame It On The Moon
15. World Has A Heart Too

Disc 2
1. Slam (Alt Intro/Mix)
2. Come Alive
3. Slavery
4. Rainbow Child (Live In Sweden 2013)
5. Money
6. Baby Now I (Live In Sweden 2013)
7. Burning Love
8. Get To You (Live In Sweden 2013)
9. Come To Me
10. Under My Skin (Live In Sweden 2013)
11. You Can Leave Your Hat On
12. Living With A Stranger (Solo Acoustic)
13. Tatiana
14. Stronger Than Steel (Solo Acoustic)
15. Ritual (Dido Slam Re-Mix)



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Not to high jack the thread but aside from the S/T, Slam and The Heat, this is the DRN disc you MUST have! (Nab the VHS of this if you are lucky enough to find one)




Disc: 1 1. Slam Swirl 2. Cruise Together 3. Under My Skin 4. The Heat 5. Blame It On The Moon 6. Mix It Up 7. Rainbow Child 8. Lover 9. World Has A Heart Too 10. Slam 11. Burnin' Love 12. Tiger In A Dress 13. Halfway Around The World 14. Stronger Than Steel/All My Lovin' 15. Takin' It To The Streets 16. Love Dont' Work That Way 17. Baby Don't Fade Disc: 2 1. Ritual 2. Forgot To Make Her Mine 3. Chill Out 4. I'm So Sorry 5. Come Back Baby 6. Salt Of Joy 7. Let It Go 8. Tamin' The Wild Nights 9. Make It Easy 10. Get To You 11. Color This Hour 12. You Can Leave Your Hat On 13. Baby Now I 14. Woman 15. Seven Sister's Road 16. Long Way To Go
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I added both of these to the main pages a whlle back if you want to post your comments on them. The live album really is a special one and a treasure to have if you are a DRN fan.

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