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D.A.D. - 30 Years 30 Hits Best Of...1984-2014


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Just FYI, in case there are any hard core fans that didn't know this existed. I didn't until now.





Editorial Reviews
Three decades of unique high-class music! Denmark's most successful Rock act in history celebrates its 30th anniversary the way it should be done: loud, proud & hungry for more! The title basically says it all: '30 Years-30 Hits' is the perfect career-spanning retrospective album, time to look back and reflect, but also a great opportunity for all those who want the best - and nothing but the best - on 2 CD's.
Track Listings
Disc: 1 1. Marlboro Man 2. Call of the Wild 3. Riding With Sue 4. It's After Dark 5. Isn't That Wild 6. I Won't Cut My Hair 7. Black Crickets 8. Sleeping My Day Away 9. Jihad 10. Point of View 11. Girl Nation 12. Bad Craziness 13. Grow or Pay 14. Laugh and a 1/2 15. Reconstrucdead



Disc: 2 1. Naked (But Still Strippin') 2. Empty Heads 3. Home Alone 4 4. Hate To Say I Told You So 5. Everything Glows 6. Nineteenhundredandyesterday 7. Something Good 8. Evil Twin 9. Soft Dogs 10. Scare Yourself 11. Lawrence of Surburbia 12. Monster Philosophy 13. A New Age Moving In 14. I Want What She's Got 15. We All Fall Down


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I think most folks here would agree that


No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims





Riskin It All



Are worth your time to check out.


This was their big MTV hit, Sleepin' My Day Away



Personally I like these 2 CD's very much. I don't know their earlier stuff and their latter stuff I think they tried to adjust with the times and were hit and miss with that, IMO.

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Earlier stuff is an acquired taste to be honest. They used the term cow punk, which is only partially true as there was certainly a countryish element to their music, but no punk.

Certainly wasnt as rocky as they were by the time they released No fuel, which still stands as one of the greatest AC/DC sounding albums that actually doesnt sound like AC/DC.

Its so weird that on initial listening people compared them to AC/DC, but the more you listen, the more you realise they dont sound like them.

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