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RIP Dennis Fergie Frederiksen


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From his website:


"It is with a very heavy heart I tell you that my sweet soulbrother Fergie Frederiksen passed away today January 18.


Fergie has been a true Champ, and a fighter, and for this he got several years extra with us, and actually a couple of extra albums that will be of great joy for fans all over the world for many more years to come.


Now, this has been a Journey for me as well. I started the unofficial Fergie Frederiksen website in the mid 90s, and by the end of the 90s me and Fergie agreed to make it his official website. It has been a joyride, of ups and downs (healthwise), musically only ups! I have loved it all along, to work with Fergie, he has been such a true and good friend to me. Last summer I went to Sweden for a couple of days to hang with him, and he really made my day when he dedicated the Toto song Endless (my all time favourite Toto song!) on stage. Magical for me!


So what now?


Well, we should all celebrate Fergies life and music, the way he impacted us all in such a great way is just start-touching for many of us!


If you still want to donate and contribute to Fergies Family, you can do so. Money now will be spent for his funeral and the costs around this and some events. Go here to donate:




My friend Fergie, thank you very much for all the good years, were you have been such a great part of my life, even a good friend. I wish you a safe journey, I will never forget you and the great moments we had together. Travel in peace…



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