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Lillian Axe S/T reissue with bonus tracks


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Anybody know anything about this German reissue of Lillian Axe's self-titled debut? It has multiple bonus tracks I've never heard of before.


Tracks 1–15 of 15

1.Dream of a Lifetime – Lillian Axe 05:18
2.Inside Out – Lillian Axe 03:57
3.Vision in the Night – Lillian Axe 03:20
4.Picture Perfect – Lillian Axe 04:00
5.The More That You Get – Lillian Axe 03:06
6.Misery Loves Company – Lillian Axe 03:27
7.Nobody Knows – Lillian Axe 04:19
8.Hard Luck – Lillian Axe 04:50
9.Waiting in the Dark – Lillian Axe 04:29
10.Laughing in Your Face – Lillian Axe 03:53
11.Dancer [*] – Lillian Axe 04:49
12.Memory of Me [*] – Lillian Axe 03:10
13.So Far Away [*] – Lillian Axe 04:39
14.You're Gonna Lose That Girl Tonight [*] – Lillian Axe 04:37
15.My Number [*] – Lillian Axe 03:26

Genre: Rock
Category Heavy Metal
Release Date: January 22, 2008
Artist: Lillian Axe
Additional Artist: Ron Taylor (Vocals)

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The bonus tracks are from the pre-Lillian Axe band called Stiff. They are from their "Straight Up" album.

Ok gotcha. I have a bunch of Lillian Axe demos but none by that name. I believe I have the Stiff stuff. :mad:


Thanks for the info.

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The bonus tracks are from the pre-Lillian Axe band called Stiff. They are from their "Straight Up" album.


And they're REALLY good tunes, too.


The STIFF tracks have been floating around forever. I have a Russian boot of the Lillian Axe debut disguised as a Japanese import with the Stiff tracks included (same as mentioned above). I also have a CD-R of the Stiff tracks that are slightly different than what appeared on the STRAIGHT-UP album... including a version of MY NUMBER whcih is REALLY good.


If this is a legit release, I highly recommend it to any Lillian Axe fan who somehow missed the Stiff tunes previously.

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This is my favorite LA release, I wonder if this is getting an audio adjustment as well? always thought there was more potential for better sound in this recording, and just waiting for someone else to notice, and do something about it.

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