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REBELSTAR - RebelStar II (2013)


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"REBELSTAR II" is the just released second album from Dutch melodic hard rockers RebelStar, the awesome best kept secret from the genre. Sometimes I wonder why the specialized press / media left aside from promotion terrific bands like RebelStar. Because they don't receive some 'favours' in exchange perhaps? No, you won't find any review of this album out there, just a mention on a couple of Dutch magazines. Anyway, don't worry, you have us to keep you updated about any new act / band that deserves to be discovered by fans of good Rock music.

As you may know by now, we only present here new releases / acts worth to listen (some better than others), and classic reissues mostly essential to be enjoyed in its remastered form or discovered if you originally missed them. I'm not sure if "RebelStar II" will fit in the 'classic' slot in future to come, but I assure you that if released 25 years ago it would be a classic today. Yes guys and gals, "RebelStar II" is that good.




Take the best musical elements of the immortal late eighties Pretty Maids, add the power of German wonders Jaded Heart nineties work, and why not, a dash of the underrated and terrific Dutch hard rockers Sleeze Beez (which collaborate as guests on one track) and you have RebelStar's recipe. Of course you need good songs for the enterprise: "RebelStar II" packs 10 rockets of pure class, punchy Euro Melodic Hard Rock of the highest calibre. Oh, there's more: you have a fantastic riff master in Martijn Niggebrugge and a kick ass singer in Serge Naberman who also collaborates on second guitar to provide a sharp twin axe-attack. Both founded RebelStar few years ago, and recruited for this new album the bright, pounding rhythm section machine of Toine Vanderlinden on bass and Richard van Leeuwen behind the skins.


Almost forgot to mention an essential ingredient for this musical genre; production. Oh yeah; "RebelStar II" breath like any Melodic Hard Rock album should: crisp, tight, reinforcing the melodies and enhancing the punch in equal, balanced form. Self produced & financed do not ensures you a good result? Certainly not the case here. "RebelStar II" puts many major label releases (and not only from the MHR field) into shame. There's one simple word to explain how this album sounds: brilliant.


Do you need some song description? Not required. All are a blast. RebelStar does not need to swell the album with unnecessary fillers, you have 10 good, fantastic Melodic Hard Rock songs to die for.


Simply put, "RebelStar II" is one of the best discoveries by this blog since we started to blabbermouthin' you. If this humble review looks too much hyped for you, just give a proper listen to this corker. After that, if it not leaves you with your pulse running fast, you don't have the true Melodic Hard Rock virus in your blood. And yes, they have a debut album recorded in 2010, which I am searching like a madman as we speak because if it is half as good as this, I'm done.

Meanwhile, go and buy "RebelStar II" with your eyes closed.
It's fucking awesome.

01 - Big, Bang, Boom
02 - All For One, One for All
03 - Crucify Me
04 - Sick M.F. [Explicit]
05 - Everyone's A Star Tonight
06 - Hollywood Creature
07 - Burning Sensation
08 - Look But Don't Touch
09 - In It For The Money [feat. Sleeze Beez]
10 - Love Leaves Scars

Serge Naberman - lead & backing vocals, guitar
Martijn Niggebrugge - guitars, backing vocals
Toine Vanderlinden - bass, backing vocals
Richard van Leeuwen - drums
Andrew Elt & Chriz van Jaarsveld from Sleeze Beez guest on 9


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I just listened to them on itunes, pretty good stuff. I think(from the samplse only) I prefer the debut,but all around good stuff!

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Don't know how threads like this one evade me. Seems like a pretty cool band - worth checking out if nothing else.

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