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Empire 21 - s/t


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Good stuff!


From facebook:


"EMPIRE 21 - Ready to be unleashed on the world!

A brand new Hardrock/Metal act from Sweden is determined to bring you a debut album as strong as it gets. Neither the band nor the album to come was brought together by coincidence, but rather by a urgent need to fill a gap in todays music scene.

The force behind EMPIRE 21 consists of:
Germán Pascual - Vocals
CJ Grimmark - Guitars
Tobias Enbert - Drums
Andreas Ålöv - Bass
John Svensson - Keyboards

Having worked hard on the debut album behind locked doors over the past few years. Now all songs were produced, the dates for the final mix and mastering have been set for late spring 2013 and the day of the release comes visibly closer.

The album mix will be handled by none less than Tobias Lindell, the man behind the sound on albums by Europe, Mustasch, Hardcore Superstar, Crashdiet and many more.

Heavy, melodic Rock/Metal with tons of energy, passion and great musicianship await for you. And as soon as the album is released, EMPIRE 21 will be ready to hit the roads and travel anywhere to meet their audience.

Ladies and gentlemen, keep your eyes and ears open in the next weeks, we're looking forward to present you something really BIG!





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From FB:


ALBUM PRE-ORDER - and - WWW.EMPIRE21.SE - finally up and running! ! !

Our debut album will be released on November 28th in Europe and December 2nd in North America.

PRE-ORDER Your SIGNED copy TODAY on Empire21.se

While You're at it, grab a T-shirt...and why not the CJ Grimmark custom guitar pick? Buy them all in one package at a discount - straight from our webshop.

Album track listing:

01. When You're Falling
02. I Can't
03. All Is Lost
04. Traveler
05. Empire 21
06. 100 Nights
07. Heard It All
08. This Is My Story
09. Calling
10. Would You
11. No Matter The Winds Of Change

Can't wait for this journey to begin and to see You all on the road.
Best regards
/Empire 21



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This band would do wonders on the Voice.







IE: best to be heard NOT seen....


You speak very true words. I was going to say that I wonder if these guys looked at that band photo before allowing it's distribution. But let's be honest, no photo is going to fix looking like that.


Anyway, sounds worth a listen at least.

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