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New Device gig in London July 20th

Captain Howdy

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Found out today New Device will be playing a gig in London next month. And straight away I knew I had to go, then I noticed Night By Night were on the bill, which makes it a "no way can I miss this" gig.

Also on the bill are Meansteed (who are quite good as well) and Scar City (who I have never heard of).

So thats two great bands, a good band and a band I dont know. Not bad for £6 a ticket.

Oh, and then after booking a ticket, an hour later I hear Mia Klose has been added to the bill as well ... fucking get in. Love her album, and have not had a chance to see her live yet.

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Well this gig came and went last Saturday and it was a fantastic night, especially considering how little it cost.

The most annoying thing of the night though was the poor turnout. Had expected much more support for the main two bands (New Device and Night By Night) as they seem to have a reasonable sized fanbase.


I got there early as always, and saw New Device doing a photoshoot outside. Daniel Leigh noticed I was wearing a New Device shirt at one point and gave me a nod.

Later inside the venue, before the first band came on, Daniel came up to may, shook my hand and said "thanks for representing". Its nice to see bands actually going out of their way to thank you for supporting them.


Anyway, the first band on was Scar City, who really were not my cup of tea, and really were out of place on this bill. Very shouty, and all the people wearing Scar City shirts seemed a surprise to me as there was only one or two people wearing New Device shirts, and one person wearing a Mia Klose shirt, otherwise nobody was wearing band shirts. At the end of the gig it became apparent that these people were all with the band, helping them move their gear.

Not gonna say the band was crap, because it was just a case of their style just did not suit me.


Mia Klose was where the gig really started for me. She certainly knows how to entertain, and her voice is as melodic live as it is on CD. She threw in a new song for good measure as well.

Certainly an artist I now want to see again, and she is a total sweet heart. Happy to chat with anyone, have her picture taken with people and sign bits. The fact that when I went up and asked her to sign my CD and she turned round and said my name really took me aback. She knew me from a few posts on Facebook, so its nice to see someone who actually pays attention to her fans and remembers us even though up to that point we had never met before.

Her band were really nice guys as well, going out of their way to come up and shake my hand and thank me for coming.



Next up was Mean Steed. I have seen them before supporting Jettblack so I knew exactly what I was getting. Very much a throwback to the NWOBHM. Chest pumping anthems, ripping guitar solos and antics such as climbing up on the amps or the singer carrying the female guitarist round the venue on his shoulders. Certainly not gonna set the world on fire, but they are always an entertaining band.



Night By Night were the band I had seen most before, having seen them as support acts twice before, but this was the first time with their new singer. I am happy to report that they are as good with the new guy as they were with the previous singer. Sadly I am not overly familiar with most of their set seeing as they still dont have an album out yet, but The Moment and Time to escape went down a storm, and the singer informed me at the end of the gig that the album is due in Sept.




Finally New Device came on. All the other bands played 30 minute sets, and New Device only played a 45 minute set which in some respects was a bonus as I was worried I would have to leave early being that they didnt go on til 10:45pm, and I was worried I would miss the last train. Thankfully their set list length set my mind at ease.

They played a nice mix of both albums, but strangely missed In the fading light, which was one of the two singles from the debut. Like last time when I saw them support Reckless Love, they played a cracking set and reafirmed why I gave them a go after seeing them last time.




I would have paid £6 for any one of the last 4 bands, so £6 for all four, plus one band I didnt like was a bargain and a half. Add to that the fact that drinks were not normal exorbitant London prices, made for a great nights entertainment for very little money.

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I would have loved to go to this, but you cant see em all lol.


Sounds like a cracking night, and Mia looks hot hot hot :-))

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