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Good songs that need a tweak to be killer songs...


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From the other thread "Does This Belong on HH" I mentioned I would love a lot of the modern metal bands if they would just eliminate the screaming/grunting, the unintelligible lyrics. They write a great rif, verse and/or chorus but somehow manage to drag a killer song down to just good.


Here is an example of a killer tune that is just a great tune because of 2 things IMO:

1. The pause and then the screaming.

2. They barely come back to that opening rif? Seriously, you start with great guitar work, build up to a pretty rocking tune, a multi-level solo, but only scream "mine!" over a short section of that killer opening? Frustrating, but still a good tune...but coulda been great.


Stone Sour - Gone Sovereign



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Here is another. Now don't get me wrong, I have always really liked this tune, I'd probably still call it a great tune. But the tweak for me would again be less screaming the lyrics but instead sing them. I know, it is their thing for bands like this.


But it sorta goes back to the argument some of you were having about whether or not a guitar solos is needed to make a song great or not having one makes it crappy. For me, it depends on the flow of the song. Not every song needs a solo. But any song that has excessive screaming and grunting gets a few negative marks from me.


In Flames - Bullet Ride


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The fist one to come to mind is Adrenalin - Road of the Gypsy. I absolutely love this song, but the sax solo needs to be replaced with a guitar solo. The same could be said about Boy Meets Girl - Waiting For a Star To Fall too.





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Good thread idea. I'm sure there are a few I've come across over the years, but I can't think of them at the moment.


However, as mentioned on that other thread, 'This Love' by Dallas is really crying out for a guitar solo! The song would be fantastic if they hadn't left out a solo and put in that faint chanting instead and all but stopped the music. What were they thinking?

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A good way to ruin any killer tune is to fade it out at the end. Finish it the same way you would if you played it live.


Dropping the volume at the end just sounds like they were too lazy to come up with a good finish.

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