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Stratovarius - Nemesis

Dead Planet

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New cd by veterans Stratovarius....I haven't been listening to them much the last few years but this cd interests me as my tastes have been leaning toward heavier areas lately...





the link above will most likely be removed since it has the entire release(should be removed anyway)...so here is another



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This one has had some great reviews, but for my taste it's the usual problem with Power Metal. Some great tunes, nice solos, etc, but really awful choruses. The best word I can come up with is twee. Really twee choruses. Yuk.


However, I did quite enjoy 'Halcyon Days'; quite dark-sounding and atmospheric. Might have to download me that one. :)

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I have this on order but I'm a big fan and have bought all of their studio discs since Chosen Ones.


As you're a fan of the band, I think you'll be a happy man. I've read some reviews suggesting it may be their best album.

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I liked both of the 'Elements' discs ... but the rest of their stuff is a little too patchy for my liking ... they're one of those bands where I'll pick up the disc if I spot it going (very) cheap, but I wouldn't seek them out ...

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