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GIANT X - I (2013)


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German hard rock / heavy metal

Brainchild of Rolf Kasparek and Peter J. Jordan of Running Wild



01. The Rise Of The Giant X Intro (0:34)

02. On A Blind Flight (3:30)

03. Dont Quit Till Tomorrow (3:58)

04. Badland Blues (4:32)

05. Now Or Never (3:38)

06. Nameless Heroes (4:18)

07. Go 4 It (3:43)

08. The Count (3:24)

09. Rough Ride (4:24)

10. Friendly Fire (3:27)

11. Lets Dance (2:59)

12. Soulsurvivors (3:55)

13. R.O.C.K (4:07)

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So, anybody heard this ? A not-very-famous project of Rolf Kasparek and Peter Jordan from German's old band, Running Wild. If you're into heavy metal, you should be familiar with this band, but GIANT X isn't totally heavy metal, actually they combine it with melodic hard rock, making this album accessible and enjoyable, probably with couple of average fillers.


Check out several of their songs which I think are pretty good


On A Blind Flight



Don't Quit Till Tomorrow



Now Or Never



Now I still can't find 'Let's Dance' which I think is the best track here and tend to avoid 'Badland Blues' and 'Friendly Fire' which are average. 'R.O.C.K' is also a fun track, and 'The Count' and 'Rough Ride' are also great tracks. The production is fine, and perhaps the vocal is a little too gritty for those who's not familiar with RW. But all in all, a pretty satisfying album, and based on first spin, I gave this one 76%

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I wasn't going to bother with this one, but based on your recommendation I'll at least give it a go and report back.

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