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Sondura - You Remain EP


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This is a great sounding EP, modern hard rock/metal. The song 'Live Before You Die' for example sounds just like Shinedown.

From www.newjunk.co.uk:

"Sondura, one of the brightest new hopes on the UK metal scene, release their You Remain EP today (read October 22nd 2012) through Transcend Music.

The EP features some killer tracks from their 2011 debut album — including the incredible Live Before You Die — alongside new material which will feature on their 2013 follow up. The new album is currently in production with the legendary team at Nott In Pull Studios, who have previously worked with the likes of Bullet For My Valentine, Trivium and Axewound, and will be released in early 2013. In the meantime, You Remain serves as the perfect introduction to a band that Metal Hammer describes as delivering “genuine grit and raw catharsis.”
Andover’s Sondura serve up some of the freshest metal sounds around at the moment and the EP’s title track is one of the best possible introductions to their immense, stadium-sized sound.
You Remain is available now through Transcend Music and can be bought through all the usual e-tail outlets."



01. You Remain 4:30
02. New Beginnings 3:30
03. Live Before You Die 3:29
04. Black and White 4:26
05. Falling Free 4:14



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Average clip, but great song. Much better than Shinedown. They actually remind me of the band Seven Wiser a little. Very nice. Looking forward to the new album and I must track down the debut.

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I got into this band through 'Fake' and 'Lights Out' ... well worth a listen if you want to avoid the bog-standard modern-metal being served up by the Romeo Must Avenge My Valentine's Death Punch crowd ...

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