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SNAKECHARMER - s/t (2013)


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1. My Angel

2. Accident Prone

3. To the Rescue

4. Falling Leaves

5. A Little Rock and Roll

6. Turn of the Screw

7. Smoking Gun

8. Stand Up

9. Guilty as Charged

10. Nothing To Lose

11. Cover Me in You


Frontiers Records

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So after reading some favorable reviews, I'm interested in trying this one out only to be left out disappointed. This supposed to be a Whitesnake-driven album but looks merely like a pale copycat with a bunch of weak and average songs. I only finished strolling through this album once, but I'm interested to give it more spins coz I might uncover something that I missed earlier. The first video, 'Accident Prone', as we all know, is pretty good but nothing's great, and the other three tracks that might be in the same league with the song are 'To The Rescue', 'Falling Leaves', and 'Smoking Gun'. Sadly, none of them are even in the 8/10 range.


The first track sounds like a filler, and the last 4 tracks also seem like a 6/10 type of songs. The production is great and also after the last weak Ousey album, I began to question whether Chris is starting to like making a streak of weak albums :(


So, first impression from me is 65% which is quite far from those 5-stars rating on Amazon, what do you think of this one ?

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Didn't even make it through the full spin. Like I said in Stefan's thread, if that 'Accident Prone' was the best single they could release, this was always going to be in trouble. Really bland, boring rock. Just too average to even bother. 'Falling leaves' was the best I heard on this, but that's as good as it got, imo.

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