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Restrayned - Dark New Day


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1. A Dark New Day (Intro) (0:47)

2. Breaking Down (3:56)

3. Some Will Be Saved (3:43)

4. Rescue Me (3:42)

5. The Chase (4:00)

6. No Sorrow (4:38)

7. Remember (3:33)

8. Follow Me Down (3:10)

9. Pry (3:30)

10. Walk Through The Fire (3:17)

11. Last Time (3:54)

12. Rise Again (4:35)

13. Show Me (4:13)

14. Sins Of Me (4:16)

15. Denying The Demons (4:01)


Another pretty good disc from 2012 from this US band. Almost modern hard rock in places but a lot of nice melodic and catchy choruses, almost reminding me of old Dokken in places, and Aussie band Empire. The sound is a little raw, but there is no better example of this album than this tune, which is my favourite on the CD. Killer song. Check out this chorus:



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The song is a nice one, G but how do you rate the whole album? Is it worth the purchase?


I thought it was quite good personally. Not perfect, but a good sound and pretty consistent along the way. Some quite nice melodic hard rock choruses. A slight modern touch, one might say, and not an absolute perfect production job. It won't be the best CD you ever hear, but I reckon it's pretty good. Here's the full news:


1. A Dark New Day (Intro) (0:47) - intro -

2. Breaking Down (3:56) - good hard rock opener with a nice melodic chorus - 7.50

3. Some Will Be Saved (3:43) - another good heavy melodic rocker - 7.25

4. Rescue Me (3:42) - very good war tune with a killer chorus - 8.50

5. The Chase (4:00) - solid modern hard rocker - 6.50

6. No Sorrow (4:38) - solid hard rocker - 6.75

7. Remember (3:33) - good melodic hard rocker with a great chorus - 7.75

8. Follow Me Down (3:10) - good hard rocker - 7.00

9. Pry (3:30) - solid hard rocker - 6.50

10. Walk Through The Fire (3:17) - another good melodic hard rocker with a strong chorus - 7.00

11. Last Time (3:54) - solid hard rocker - 6.75

12. Rise Again (4:35) - another good hard rocker with a good chorus - 7.00

13. Show Me (4:13) - nice slower hard rocker - 7.25

14. Sins Of Me (4:16) - good hard rocker - 7.00

15. Denying The Demons (4:01) - good solid closing hard rock closer - 7.00




It's one of those discs that would actually benefit from 5 less tracks. Lose the intro and 5 of the weaker songs and you have a great 10 song disc. Try to find some more samples on youtube before forking out if you're not sure. ;)

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Checked this out on Rhapsody. I think you summed it up well, Geoff -- pretty good, but not amazing. Definitely shows promise. To me it sounded like Dokken (especially the vocals) with Zakk Wylde on guitar. Some nice choruses, as you say. A bit too much downtuned guitar and double kick drums for my taste, but otherwise some good melodic qualities. The production is a little thin, somewhat top-end heavy. Haven't decided yet whether it's worth owning or not.... ;)

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