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SoundtrucK - s/t


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SoundtrucK from Greece have a new self-titled album on the market and a new video has just been released.

From their website http://www.soundtruck.gr/:

"From Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ-Top to AC/DC, this is what you get when you mix hard rock with southern rock: nine tracks of raw power and energy. These five guys from Athens, Greece, promise to set the wheels of rock 'n roll in motion with their debut album.

The band has made a name for itself for the well-balanced sound and the energy that drives them on stage, and this album is no exception. Raging guitars, catchy riffs, a thundering rhythm section, smooth to raucous vocals, all a testament to the band's style: a mixture of the hard rock and southern rock of the 1970s played to sound completely contemporary. After all, the touch of a genius has made sure of that: all tracks were mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound, NY.
From the minimalistic impertinence of the opening track, 'Straight To Hell', the painful solitude of 'On The Run' (the only ballad in the album), the country-infused 'Sweet Little Babe', to the blatant debauchery of 'High' and the saucy optimism of 'Take It Easy', the band pays tribute to their heroes, legends like AC/DC, ZZ Top and Lynyrd Skynyrd. At the same time, their diverse musical background helps in establishing their own unique style. Familiar, yet not hackneyed.
If you're new to southern hard rock, this album is a good way to begin your maiden musical voyage. If not, it will remind you of most of the qualities that made rock what it is: uncompromising, unbowed, stubbornly resolute."



1. Straight to Hell - 5:09
2. God Damned - 3:35
3. High - 3:41
4. On the Run - 4:14
5. Take It Easy - 4:23
6. Sweet Little Babe - 3:57
7. Ride On - 4:53
8. Feels Like Home - 4:37
9. Goliath - 3:01




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Exactly the type of rock I really disliked from the 80's. Not awful at all, but way too plain and boring for me. Does nothing at all for me personally. :(

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Love me some southern rock and this sounds pretty good. Surprised to hear thy come from Greece playing this type of stuff. May have to check this out further.

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  • My Little Pony

Soundtruck, bud. Soundtruck.

Like Jez, I love me some Southern Rock, so I'll give this a listen.

Thanks bud, but we were both wrong. It should be SoundtrucK...


Heh. Just can't win, to-day.

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