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Not sure if anyone has posted on this yet? but from what my friend just played me, this is a fucking nice sounding piece of melodic\sleaze\hard rock, didnt get to hear the entire thing, but it's called First Blow or something like that, I must find it, you must tell me how it endz? the songs I heard were throwbacks to exactly the kind of rock I like, and exactly how I like it, anyone know anything, or have any info on it? im sure youve all already chatted this one up, and put it to bed, but as usual, I probably missed it.

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Hasn't been spoken of much, just briefly here:




Here's my full and very basic summary of my brief thoughts per song:


01. Follow Your Dreams - pretty average opener - 6.50

02. Slippery - okay rocker - 7.00

03. Two Young Hearts - okay rocker - 6.50

04. No Time To Sorrow - good rocker, weak lyrics - 7.00

05. Another Chance - great rocker - 8.00

06. Run For Reaction - okay rocker - 7.00

07. The First Blow - crazy average - 6.00

08. Sons Of Freedom (Wild At Heart) - okay rocker - 6.50

09. Out Of The Light - solid rocker - 6.75

10. What I Need - nice balladic number - 7.00

11. Night Of The Demon - cool music, average tune - 6.50




In summary, it's not great, it's not bad. It's just that very typical heavy accented European melodic rock that is around in pretty big numbers these days. For me this type of stuff is okay for 3 MP3's or so on your Ipod, but I wouldn't pay more than $5 for the CD, personally.

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OK, thanks buddy, well I just heard 1st 3 or 4 songs, and they seemed pretty good, my friend told me it was merely OK, but for whatever reason I seem to have really dug what I heard, hell maybe I was just in an incredibly good mood, so it could've been Wham! and I would've thought it sounded good, so maybe I will hold up on buying it, until I do find it for cheaper or am able to hear it all the way through before dumping a chunk of $$$ on it, thanks alot Geoff.

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No worries. Who knows, you might like it. But knowing your tastes, I reckon you'd think it was pretty average too.

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