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HH Radio Playlist Updated


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I cleared out some of the early-2012 tracks to make room for some of the late-2012 and 2013 tracks.


Feed URL: http://www.live365.c...ons/151867?play


Playlist in alphabetical order:


4Bitten - Jaded - Delirium (2012)

4Bitten - Let It All Burn - Delirium (2012)

A Perfect Day - Alone And Free (Rockblind) - A Perfect Day (2012)

A Perfect Day - Here We Are Again - A Perfect Day (2012)

Angel King - Dangerous - World Of Pain (2012)

Angel King - Last Generation - World Of Pain (2012)

Angeline - I Had Enough - Disconnected (2012)

Angeline - Disconnected - Disconnected (2012)

Asia - End Of The World - Resonance (2012)

Bang Tango - Suck It Up - Pistol Whipped In The Bible Belt (2012)

Bang Tango - Bring On The World - Pistol Whipped In The Bible Belt (2012)

Black Rose - Hunter - Turn On The Night (2013)

Black Rose - Never Let Me Down - Turn On The Night (2013)

Blessed By A Broken Heart - Scream It Like You Mean It - Feel The Power (2012)

Blessed By A Broken Heart - Innocent Blood - Feel The Power (2012)

Bonrud - Blinded - Save Tomorrow (2012)

Bonrud - I'd Do Anything - Save Tomorrow (2012)

Carmen Gray - Demolition Lady - Gates Of Loneliness (2012)

Carmen Gray - Heroes And Losers - Gates Of Loneliness (2012)

Charlie Shred - Tainted Inside - Charlie Shred (2012)

Charlie Shred - Fall Down - Charlie Shred (2012)

Circus Maximus - The One - Nine (2012)

Circus Maximus - Burn After Reading - Nine (2012)

Cloudscape - Seen It All Before - New Era (2012)

Cloudscape - Voyager 9 - New Era (2012)

Coastland Ride - Made Up My Mind - On Top Of The World (2012)

Coastland Ride - Save You From Yourself - On Top Of The World (2012)

Diamond Dog - Soak It In - Faithful Unto Death (2012)

Diamond Dog - If - Faithful Unto Death (2012)

Dokken - For The Last Time - Broken Bones (2012)

Dokken - Blind - Broken Bones (2012)

Eclipse - The Unspoken Heroes - Bleed And Scream (2012)

Eclipse - Battlegrounds - Bleed And Scream (2012)

Eclipse - Take Back The Fear - Bleed And Scream (2012)

Edge - There is no Other way - Heaven Knows (2013)

Edge - Through That door - Heaven Knows (2013)

Fast Train Union - After All - II (2012)

Grimm Jack - Damned - Damned CD Single (2012)

Grimm Jack - Last Call - Damned CD Single (2012)

Heaven Rain - Face Of Misery - Second Sun (2012)

Heaven Rain - When Day Fades To Dark - Second Sun (2012)

Hess - I Don't Wanna Want You - Living In Yesterday (2012)

Hess - Falling Down - Living In Yesterday (2012)

Iain Ashley Hersey - Sacrifice The Sun - Vintage Love - Best Of (2012)

Impera - Show Me The Money - Legacy Of Life (2012)

Impera - Deadend Street - Legacy Of Life (2012)

Jorn - War Of The World - Symphonic (2013)

Jorn - The World I See - Symphonic (2013)

Julian Angel's Beautiful Beast - Gimme Just One Night - California Suntan (2012)

Julian Angel's Beautiful Beast - Addiction to the Friction - California Suntan (2012)

Kix - Midnite Dynamite - Live In Baltimore (2012)

Kix - Don't Close Your Eyes - Live In Baltimore (2012)

Lionville - Shining Over Me - II (2012)

Lionville - Waiting For A Star To Fall - II (2012)

Loverboy - No Tomorrow - Rock n Roll Revival (2012)

Loverboy - When It's Over - Rock n Roll Revival (2012)

Pellek - Thundernight - Bag Of Tricks (2012)

Pellek - Stare Into My Eyes - Bag Of Tricks (2012)

Pink Cream 69 - Let The Thunder Roll - Ceremonial (2013)

Pink Cream 69 - King For One Day - Ceremonial (2013)

Pride of Lions - If It Doesn't Kill Me - Immortal (2012)

Pride of Lions - Sending My Love - Immortal (2012)

Razzmattazz - I Wanna Know - Rock N Roll Hero (2012)

Redline - We Came to Rock - Vice (2012)

Redline - Edge of Falling - Vice (2012)

Royal Hunt - Save Me - 20th Anniversary - Special Edition (2013)

Royal Hunt - Bodyguard (acoustic) - 20th Anniversary - Special Edition (2013)

Sapphire Eyes - Someone Like You - Sapphire Eyes (2012)

Sapphire Eyes - When Love Comes Alive - Sapphire Eyes (2012)

Snakecharmer - Nothing To Lose - Snakecharmer (2013)

Snakecharmer - Stand Up - Snakecharmer (2013)

Spheric Universe Experience - Angel - The New Eve (2012)

Strangeways - Call - Age of Reason (2012)

Strangeways - Alive Again - Age of Reason (2012)

Theocracy - The Master Storyteller - As The World Bleeds (2012)

Theocracy - Hide in the Fairytale - As the World Bleeds (2012)

Threshold - Coda - March of Progress (2012)

Threshold - The Rubicon - March of Progress (2012)

Warnot - The Wrong Path - His Blood is Yours (2013)

Wheels Of Fire - Web Of Lies - Up For Anything (2012)

Wheels Of Fire - No Mercy - Up For Anything (2012)

Youngblood - Don't Play With My Head - No Retreat (2012)

Youngblood - Back In My Life - No Retreat (2012)

Youngblood - Coming Home - No Retreat (2012)

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  • My Little Pony

I like that you chose "I Don't Wanna Want You" from Hess, despite all the criticism it's received. I love it.

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It's not the number of tracks, but rather the storage capacity. They give you a pitifully small amount. To go up any meaningful amount would triple my monthly costs.


The upside to Live365 is that I don't have to mess with licensing at all. The downside is the cost.


I could set up a shoutcast stream on a server of my own and have several GB of storage, at a much lower cost... but then I would have to (theoretically) pay and file royalties myself. The problem with that approach is that the minimum fees are too high. They assume several thousand listener hours per month. Once the licensing costs are added to the hosting costs, the monthly costs end up far exceeding Live365.


I could simply run a shoutcast stream that is unlicensed, using *ONLY* the audio that has been submitted to me by bands and labels under the terms & conditions outlined on my audio page, that being that by submitting the audio all parties waive their royalties from any audio download or playback. That's fine for the site itself, but since SoundEx, BMI, ASCAP, and RIAA, actively target Shoutcast streams, they might very well say "Doesn't matter what your terms are for submission, we want payola or you shut it down."


After dealing with BMI about the site samples back in 2003, I don't want to mess with that crap again.

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    • For some reason the first song's melody reminds me so much of Last Christmas by Wham.
    • From Escape Music: Bite The Bullet were originally formed in 1986 by singer songwriter Mick Benton and drummer Graham Cowling. They met in 1984 when they both joined West London rock band “Mother’s Ruin”. Thanks to the legendary Greg Lake, Benton managed to secure a solo deal with Atlantic Records and he asked Cowling to play drums. Its good to see that their collaboration is still strong to this very day. In 1986 “Bite the Bullet” were formed and the music played was in the style of Foreigner, Toto and Mr. Mister, an album was released in 1989 to some quiet success. The music was warmly received and the band earned themselves some radio airplay. However, britpop was coming into the forefront and a cancelled support slot with the mighty ELO saw the band disheartened and whilst they never really disbanded there was a long period of inactivity. Benton and Cowling always remained friends and they still played in pubs and clubs over the years which brings is up to 2019 when their debut was reissued on CD. It ignited a flame in the two men and brought the original recording back to the forefront again and old fans reappraised the album whilst new fans joined in. In January 2021 the year started with “Black and White” (ESM349) and the band have gone from strength to strength. They combine Mr Mister with Asia to produce a nice smooth rock pop sound. Mick and Graham Have continued writing new material and here we are with an exciting new third release “End of the Line” and the result is amazing; the new songs have given the band a new fresh sound, bringing us into 2022. What a way to start the new year!   Release Date: 21 Jan, 2022  Catalogue no: ESM361  1 Quicksand 4:20  2 Over You 4:26  3 End of the line 3:49  4 Cold Wind 3:45 5 Roundabout 4:20  6 Lost for Words 4:12  7 September Sun 4:03  8 Band of Brothers 4:35  9 Let it Go 3:56  10 Camaraderie 5:02  11 Base Jumping 4:11  12 Sunflowers and Roses 4:08 Line up Mick Benton – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards Graham Cowling – Drums Malcolm Jones – Guitar  
    • New song 'Fearless'.    
    • Feel The Steel - Steel Panther
    • In My Darkest Hour - Megadeth
    • Yeah sounding not too bad at all.
    • Yeah, I'll wanna hear the songs in full before I pass judgement, but this could be good. 
    • That's a good point I hadn't thought of. Of course the hospitals are going to treat whoever comes in because it's the right thing to do.  Hospitals don't turn away people that make stupid choices.  I guess what I was saying above was really that it's just hypocritical for somebody who is unvaccinated, gets COVID and then heads to the hospital for treatment.  You didn't trust science and medicine enough to take the vaccine but now you want medicine and science to save you?   Insurance is probably a whole different issue and yes, that's out of control in addition to the whole medical billing system.  Those are issues for another thread
    • Cool tunes, particularly the first 'One.' Nice. I'll check this out. 
    • I'll add it to tomorrow's playlist and allow the hilarity to infiltrate me. 
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