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Penicillin & Siam Shade, videos that first got me into J-metal


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aside from knowing about loudness back in highschool, i really had no idea that the entire 90s in japan were very similar to the late 80s in america.

after hairmetal went the way of the dinosaur in 92/93, i simply got into game music (<3<3<3 for the SNES soundchip) while still listening to my 80s stuff.

shortly after shana & I met in 2003,, she showed me this video from Penicillin, and this one from Siam Shade, bands i had never heard of before.

needless to say,, i was like "holy shit!"



this song is from '99 i think.



2001 or 2002 i believe



Penicillin is still in japan after cranking out albums for 17 years.

Siam shade officially broke up to pursue solo careers in 2003. thier guitarist Daita is an absolute progressive-metal virtuoso

a SS tribute album came out a few years ago with covers by american hair metal bands.


-just thought i'd share,, i was surprised to find no mention of either band in a thread search here

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