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Saxon - Sacrifice


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Saxon releases their new album 'Sacrifice' in February.








Made In Belfast

Warriors Of The Road

Guardians Of The Tomb

Stand Up And Fight

Walking The Steel

Night Of The Wolf

Wheels Of Terror

Standing In A Queue


Bonus track:

'Luck Of The Draw' (iTunes only)


Bonus Disc:

'Crusader' (Orchestrated version)

'Just Let Me Rock' (Re-recorded version)

'Requiem' (Acoustic version)

'Frozen Rainbow' (Acoustic version)

'Forever Free' (Re-recorded version)

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Listen to the full album:


1. "Procession" 1:47
2. "Sacrifice" 3:58
3. "Made in Belfast" 4:35
4. "Warriors of the Road" 3:32
5. "Guardians of the Tomb" 4:49
6. "Stand up and Fight" 4:03
7. "Walking the Steel" 4:24
8. "Night of the Wolf" 4:20
9. "Wheels of Terror" 4:22
10. "Standing in a Queue"

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It's yet another great, solid Saxon album. It ain't gonna convert anyone who didn't like 'em before and it won't lose any existing fans either. A band that you can pretty much buy blind if you're a fan.

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Some of this stuff is so generic, but somehow they pull it off.....some great rockin tracks and the solos are off the chart.


Only Saxon could write a song called 'Standing In a Queue' and actually make it a goodie. lol

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