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Farraday - Shade Of Love


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I don't mind this one at all. I scored it in the mid 70's but it's not stacking up too well to repeated listens. It's solid and I really like tunes like 'Shade of love,' 'Can't get enough' and 'One way ticket to Hollywood,' but I dunno... just not sure this will have longevity. And the production/mix is shithouse too. When I play this album I have to adjust the bass levels down two or three notches and turn the volume down a fair bit too. Pretty painful on the ears without a good sound adjustment...

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There's a similarity of style with BAI BANG but I guess BB is better. I can say only about 4-5 tracks that's great, or almost great, and the rest are quite average, or just songs that you can left off. 'Breaking Down' is the best track here that's worth to have 8 or 8.5, next good tracks are 'Rock You', 'Can't Wait On Love', and 'When Passion Burns'. The weakest track here is probably 'Out of Nowhere' and second worst is 'Can't Get Enough'.


Production-wise, this one is quite dusty, perhaps intended to sound very 80s, but not really great as I recall. Musicianship is quite average and replay value is pretty low because many safe-style songs that perhaps will make us bored quite easy. So maybe it's better to buy one when it's quite low (say $2-$3) and avoid buying it full price coz there are many better AOR out there.



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