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Bloodbound - In The Name Of Metal


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Agreed, every album has gotten worse. Shame really. Urban Breed really added another dimension and Michael Bormann was also really good. This singer sounds pretty cool but unfortunately a bit like every other power metal singer these days (massive generalisation based on the title track above). I will check the CD out tho as I'm sure there will be a few killer tracks on it.

They need more light and shade like they had on the first 2 CDs, building the songs up, stripping them back and building up again.

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While I agree that they have yet to match Nosferatu, I do like what I'm hearing on this release, and it can only be a good thing that they've managed to keep the same singer (

Patrik Johansson)

for two releases in a row.


bloodbound: A term that originates from the dark ages when men would make an oath to each other called a "blood oath" where they would each cut their hands and then shake, mixing the blood. Each man then carries the other's blood, linking the two, as blood brothers. A bloodbound can never be broken and will follow you into the afterlife and beyond...


5 albums, three different singers... no bloodbound going on there.... :P

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