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One for the aussies.... Glam_Junkies Sleaze Ball 2012


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I'm putting on some bands for my bucks show.

Anyone and everyone welcome - open to public!


At this stage looking to be 7 bands over 2 nights of the 12th and 13th of october, in the heart of adelaide.


Anyone feel like a road trip to help me celebrate / commiserate....?


Bands and details to be announced soon!



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Good Luck with your show... Keep us posted here as to how things are shaping up.

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First band announcement for Galm_Junkies Sleaze Ball 2012


Prepare to be Creamed!


Vetrans of the Big Day Out, with lyrics that would make Steel Panther blush.... the first band to be announced for Glam_Junkie's Sleaze Ball 2012 is Love Cream!!


With a self-proclaimed sound of Kiss-meets-The Darkness-meets-Electric Six, Love Cream will bring their unique brand of "SEX ROCK" to Glam_Junkie's Sleaze Ball on October 13th @ The Cavern CLub, Adelaide.



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Looks like things are shaping up for your show... Congrats.



Best of luck.. . :drink:

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Looks like a great show. Best of luck!


Good to see Generation Swine still kicking. I was afraid they were no more. I have not heard much about them recently.

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