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Davey Suicide: s/t review (Hardrock Haven)

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Anyone who appreciated the hair-metal-meets-industrial sound that Shotgun Messiah attempted on "Violent New Breed" should definitely check out this debut album from Davey Suicide. Click the link below to check out my review over at Hardrock Haven:




It's not going to be for everyone, but I enjoyed the hell out of this CD. Kind of a catchier, more anthemic Rob Zombie.

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Cool stuff. Not to everyone's liking but if you like the whole industrial feel, you should like this. Only heard 1 track? Anywhere to hear the rest?

Yeah, I'm really digging this one. Industrial-edged sleaze-rock...sounds like it shouldn't work, but it does. I don't know of anywhere to hear the album in its entirety; they just released the "Generation Fuck Star" single last month, and they've been pushing the hell out of it. I don't think the album even has a scheduled release date yet. Even on the press/media site I accessed to download it, the label only lists it as "coming soon." But I can assure you, if you liked "Generation Fuck Star," you'll like the rest of the album as well.

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For anyone else curious like I:




Sounds pretty cool. I could use a little bigger chorus, but I really like the vibe and the production is absolutely immaculate.

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