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The ULTIMATE Eonian Records Sampler


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I have almost every release so not sure if I'd need this or not.

I tried to look at the track listing but couldn't get a big enough pic to see it.


The two new releases are great though and are the best stuff they've released in two years IMO. Both the Rattleshake and Murder Bay stand toe to toe with the best Eonian has released so far. Okay maybe their not as good as the Strike Twice, Dr. Grind, SGT Roxx and Shake City but their pretty damn close IMO. The Rattleshake don't have a bad song on it withmy favs being "Shootin Whiskey", "Gypsy Queen", "Take Me Down" and "Jump On Me". The Murder Bay starts out with five great tunes in a row and then there are some filler in the middle but the first five are so strong all is forgiven for the fillers. "Land of Plenty", "Honey Child" and "Outta Line" have to be three of the best songs on the Eonian label. Also the laid back ballad "Simple Man" is just killer. How the heck where these two bands never signed back in the day???

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@heaven&hell: Cool that you like the new Murder Bay and Rattleshake. :headbanger:


01. CHARLEMAGNE – Secret Romeo

02. HIGH NOON – When The Night Calls

03. FISTOL DAWN – Conversation Piece

04. SHAKE CITY – Lust & Love

05. UZI – Rocker

06. FELONY – Yank That Chain

07. STRIKE TWICE – Undress Me

08. SGT. ROXX – Don’t Cry

09. DR. GRIND – Whiskey Lover

10. CHARLOTTE – Siren

11. LEGACY – What A World

12. GYNGER LYNN – Wanna Be Your Lover

13. SWEET SYBIL - #69

14. DEAR DIARY – Momma Said

15. WANTED - Too Hot To Handle

16. SANDRA DEE – Peace, Pot & Politics

17. TNA – You Cried Wolf

18. VANDAL – Better Off Dead

19. SNAKESKIN COWBOY – Double Dose

20. RATTLE SHAKE – Take Me Down

21. YOUNGBLOOD – Pump It Up

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Yeah, like Wes I have almost all the releases. From that list, I appear to be missing only Wanted, TNA, Sandra Dee, Vandal, Snakeskin Cowboy and Youngblood. Are all these released, or are some upcoming? I must invest.


Strike Twice is still my fave, but I also love Murder Bay and although I've only spun 2 songs on the Rattleshake disc it sounds extremely nice. Damn them is some pretty boys too! :lol:

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@Geoff: WANTED, TNA, and SANDRA DEE have been released. VANDAL, SNAKESKIN COWBOY are not released yet. YOUNGBLOOD is finished and is being schedule to be released on its own at the moment... but things could change. YOUNGBLOOD should please a lot of music fans.


Also, there will be more signing announcements soon. So more pretty boys for you to eye and print pics to hang over your bed, Geoff. ;)

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:git: Awesome news Suicide....looking forward to the Ypung Blood cd....I hear they have a ton of unreleased songs that may be released on cd at another date.


looking forward to hearing the new signings and also a cd release by Snakeskin Cowboy...Rock ON!!! :party421::beerbang:

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Eonian is definately one of the better labels. Top notch quality. Better than Retrospect by far. Shake City and Pistol Dawn being my faves. Love Shake City to death. Remember them being mentioned in Metal Edge in '89 with the Warrant connection and all.

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I've got to ask whats stalling the 'Snakeskin Cowboy release? they were one of the first bands listed on eonian's site.. who I believe is also based out of Indianapolis, IN, just thought the hometown band would have a leg up. I'm bias though, they're a favorite of mine :drink:

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