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new MALICE disc "New Breed Of Godz"


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Reformed US Metal icons Malice release a snippet of the re-recorded classic song Hell Rider, which will be part of the new CD New Breed Of Godz: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRZDXhxziE0.

Guitarist Jay Reynolds comments: "I didn't think we could possibly make a song like like Hell Rider more sinister and heavy than it was, but we did! James Rivera also did an unbelievable job on the vocals, leaving no question about who the King of Metal vocals is!"


Original members Jay Reynolds (guitars), Mick Zane (guitars) and Mark Behn (bass) entered the Silver Cloud Studios in Los Angeles together with new singer James Rivera (Helstar) and new drummer Pete Holmes (Black N´Blue) to re-record 8 of their classics plus 4 new songs.


Tracklisting: 1. New Breed Of Godz (new song) 2. Hell Rider 3. Against The Empire 4. Branded (new song) 5. Sinister Double 6. Circle Of Fire 7. Stellar Masters 8. Winds Of Death (Angel Of Light) (new song) 9. Air Attack 10. Chain Gang Woman 11. Slipping Through The Cracks (new song) 12. Godz Of Thunder.


New Breed Of Godz is scheduled for a May 22nd release in the US/Canada, a May 25 release in Germany and a May 28 release in Europe. The album comes in a high class digipak with a bonus DVD:

DVD: - rare live footage from 1987 - 3 live tracks from Keep It True Festival, Germany 2011 - Making of “New Breed Of Godz” album.


WebLinks: www.malicemusic.com / www.spv.de.

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Rivera's the man, and I haven't heard any Malice in years so even the "old" songs will sound new to me. I'll check this out.

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Why re-recorded old songs. I think they are great in their original form, especially the LTK songs which are helped by the monstrous production by Max Norman. The sound of the guitars are so suited for the songs. One of my alltime favorite albums,.

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Why re-recorded old songs. I think they are great in their original form, especially the LTK songs which are helped by the monstrous production by Max Norman. The sound of the guitars are so suited for the songs. One of my alltime favorite albums,.

I agree. "License To Kill" is one of my favorites also. Those guitars smoke. "Sinister Double" is killer!! :banger:

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Why re-recorded old songs. I think they are great in their original form, especially the LTK songs which are helped by the monstrous production by Max Norman. The sound of the guitars are so suited for the songs. One of my alltime favorite albums,.




LTK is a gem.Re-recording old Malice songs w/ another singer is complete BS and a slap in the face to James in my book.Ive heard that there is disinterest from James to do anymore w/ Malice in the future.Not sure if he has even kept up his chops.He sings atmospheric folk rock now from what ive heard.Id have no problem really if they go on with Rivera, (just like Accept w/Tornillo but redoing their old material with a new guy is a joke.Same with Accept if they release an album of rerecorded songs id be seriously disinteresed.

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Musically that sounds pretty cool but it doesn't sound like Malice. If a band like this is going to re-form, imo, they need the original vocalist. Otherwise it's just not Malice, imo.


I like Malice, but wouldn't bother checking this out - the original albums sounded fine as they were.

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    • Listening to this in a shopping centre with the phone to my ear and it sounds ok. But overall underwhelmed. Bed City were awesome and his vocal we top notch. But I like to think I can disregard that and hear it for what it is. I think it's the Christian stuff that is holding me back. And I dealt with Stryper stuff no problems so I'm trying to figure out why this isn't sitting well I guess times have changed and styper always came off as a bit gimmicky or shticky and kind of fun. It's also 30 years later and I really don't care Bout the Christian messages. They are boring now. Even Stryper aren't as obvious in their lyrics these days. Or maybe it's all just a reminder of the shit Josh did that landed him in jail? Silly to constantly remind people of that. Would prefer just some fun rock music I think.  
    • Nate seems like a legit nice guy too… From his FB page: I just want to thank everyone for such a positive response on the latest announcement! It means the world❤️ I will do my absolute best to honor Cj’s legacy and keep his name alive each show. Hope to see you all soon Best Regards  Nate Peck   And from earlier this year, this lovely pic of him and CJ
    • On Instagram where Stevie Rachelle posted the link to the story it was crazy how many people don't know anything about the bands recent history or read the article. Several people moaning how they are replacing him too quick etc without realising he has been touring with the band since last year when he was covering for a recovering CJ and that Nate and CJ actually became really good friends. CJ would have wanted them to carry on and gave this guy his blessing, essentially.
    • Caddy & Co - Real Little Bandbox  
    • Good news.  Nate seems like a great dude and from what I've seen, he does a nice job.  I think he's the right guy for that gig being he was filling in with CJ's blessing and he has the right tone in his voice to do the songs justice.  Granted, there's no replacing CJ's unique voice but good that they'll still be out there celebrating the music. One thing I wonder is if they'll maybe considering doing some new music with Nate?  I mean, he's a young guy and would probably love to record some new music with them.  Not sure how much demand there would be for it but I like to see them put out a new song at least and just see how it goes.  It would be nice to give Nate something of his own in the setlist too.  I'm not gonna hold my breath though lol.  
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    • https://www.facebook.com/FireHouseMusic/posts/969966661165147?ref=embed_post
    • FireHouse officially name Nate Peck as their new full-time frontman and lead vocalist Metal Sludge — News from the FireHouse camp as they announce their new lead vocalist. Fans of FireHouse and our readers here at Metal Sludge are all aware of the unfortunate news of CJ Snare‘s sad passing back in April and now the band have named his replacement. The band had been performing with fill-in vocalist Nate Peck since 2023 when Snare had to take a leave to deal with medical issues and surgery. Now the band are embracing the move forward and have officially named Nate Peck as their new frontman and vocalist. Read the band’s full statement below as was shared on their social media.     Nate Peck and FireHouse paying tribute to CJ Snare   **AMERICAN ROCK BAND FIREHOUSE ANNOUNCES NEW VOCALIST, NATE PECK** With the untimely passing of CJ Snare, American rock band, FireHouse, has officially announced their new lead vocalist, Nate Peck. Peck, 2023 American Idol golden ticket recipient, performed an outstanding audition for Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Richie praised Nate’s performance saying, “That was brilliant…The best rock singer EVER that we’ve had. You’ve got it!” Katy Perry looked to the sky and said, “Actually, he’s SO good!” High praises from all 3 judges got him unanimous consent to move onto the next level of the competition. Peck ultimately decided to leave the show to pursue his career in music his own way: playing live music in Nashville’s booming rock scene and guest singing with national artists like Jack Russell’s Great White. Peck was first introduced to Bill Leverty by Jack Russell’s Great White guitarist, Robbie Lochner. Leverty explained, “When I first heard Nate’s vocal range, tone and control, I immediately knew that he’d be the perfect fit, filling in for CJ who was recovering from surgery. I advocated hard to get Nate out to play at New England Rockfest in October of 2023. He learned our songs very quickly and absolutely crushed it at the show. I then sent some video to CJ and he agreed saying, THAT’S the guy!” CJ and Nate immediately became very good friends. According to Peck, “CJ and I would talk regularly, a few times a week. He would give me vocal coaching, advice on touring and life in general. He was definitely a great mentor for me.” Peck has been singing with FireHouse since October of 2023, wowing audiences around the country. “I am honored to be working with these guys and singing these great songs.” FireHouse music will stand the test of time. Catch them on tour performing their hits “Love of a Lifetime”, “When I Look Into Your Eyes”, “Don’t Treat Me Bad”, “All She Wrote”, “Reach for the Sky”, “Shake and Tumble” and many more, bringing the fans the melodic hard rock they’ve loved for decades. https://metalsludge.tv/firehouse-officially-name-nate-peck-as-their-new-full-time-frontman-and-lead-vocalist/
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