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Paradise Inc.


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This is a pretty darn good release from last year if you have not heard it.

I know there is another thread for the EP (Step Into Paradise).

The full length album has some great tunes so I thought a separate thread was deserved.


A cool video of the Recording Sessions with probably the best rocker of the CD Close Your Eyes:



Not much on their website, I think they prefer you to follow on FB.





Anyone else enjoy this one?



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I like it, Jeff


i've posted my initial impression here

and I think after couple more spins, it stays around 80% and a solid one. But looks like a scarce of supply at Amazon UK, last time I checked it's around 11GBP but now it's gone ?

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Yes, I'd say about an 80. Not bad at all.

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I think NEH has had it at times, but if you are not in the US that does not help I suppose.


Yeah it's weird, I bought once from NEH couple years ago and they sent to Indonesia because I have a registered PayPal, but then they change their mind again and won't send any. Good luck for them, CD business has been tough these days, many shops are closing down, and I don't think cutting down distribution line is a good strategy for them.


and even though I live in the US, I don't think I will buy from them anyway because Amazon UK prices are far more interesting most of the time.

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