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Brother Cane to relaunch in 2012


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BraveWords.com: You took a break from Alice’s band for a few years to do ‘your own thing’. What’s the status of your work outside of Cooper?


Johnson: “I’m always going to be juggling two or three things, Mitch. That’s the beauty of working with Alice. He takes up a certain amount of time each year for touring and then there’s a fair amount of time for you to work on other stuff. Alice is five or six months out of the year. As a writer, performer and just a guy who needs to keep working to feed his family I’m really fortunate that I’ve got some other things that I can do. I’m really looking forward to re-launching Brother Cane in 2012. I’ve put it off for a long time and I’ve been so focused on other things, but I can’t out-run the shadow of Brother Cane. People ask about it constantly in such a flattering way. Since the band broke up in 2000, I’ve tried to put together no less than four other projects, but it’s really hard. To have a name that people are familiar with and to have songs that people know... I just thought I could have the band available to do some shows and it’s a creative outlet for me. I haven’t made a rock record in a long time and I need to make another rock.”


BraveWords.com: Do you miss playing the Brother Cane songs?


Johnson: “I’ve always miss playing those songs. The band has played four shows in the last eleven years and for me as the guy who wrote all those songs and sang all those songs, I have a real attachment to them. I just want to go out there and sing those songs that I’ve had some success with.”


BraveWords.com: You mentioned ‘rock record’. When the band gets back together in 2012, will you have a new record to support the tour?


Johnson: “That’s what I would like to do. I would like to make a new record, yes. I want to write new music to go along with it (the tour).”

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I really loved the S/T debut but "Seeds" didn't do much for me. How is "Wishpool"? More like the debut or "Seeds"?


If they could go back to the excellent sound on the debut like the stellar tunes "Got No Shame", "How Long", "Woman" and "Hard Act To Follow", I would be extremely stoked!!

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