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Rescue Me - Series Finale


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Not sure if there were any fans of this great show around here but this was one of my favs of the last 7-8 years. Cudos to Dennis Leary and the rest of the actors as well as the writers and producers of this great show. The series did start to lag a little the last few seasons without a to much of a direction but I will say they literally went out with a bang the last two episodes. After seeing what some shows have done the last few years like Lost and The Sopranos, this show at least had the balls to kill one of it's most beloved characters and this after it appeared that everyone had died. A very sad final episode that still had the comedy mixed it which has been this shows trademark from the beginning. Cudos to FX for having the balls to put on a show about a post 9/11 NYC Fire Department that focused on loss, heartache, alcoholism and showing that our "Heroes" can be human. I will miss this show very much.

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I was sad to lose Lt. Kenneth Shea, but as crappy as the last few seasons had gotten, I thought this season was mostly a revival and the finale seemed very appropriate. I was glad this (once) great show was sent off with a winning episode.

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