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Dark Star

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Ran accross these guys searching for new metal.. And DAMN if they ain't good!! Hell it's a Melodic metal super group!! Check out the line up....


Vox: Paul Di'anno (Ex-Iron Maiden), Tony Martin (Ex-Black Sabbath), Jeff Scott Soto (Ex-Y. Malmsteen, Talisman), Rob Rock (Impelitteri), Mark Boals (Ex-Y.Malmsteen), Tim Ripper Owens (Ex-Judas Priest), Paul Shortino (Ex-Quit Riot), Mark Fox (Ex-Shakra), Michaela Schober (Tanz der Vampire), Jean-Marc Viller (Callaway), Pearl and Molly Duncan


Bass: Tony Franklin (Ex-Blue Murder, Robert Plant), Mat Sinner (Primal Fear), Matthias Rethmann (Ex-LeeZ, Silver), Nils Middelhauve (Xandria), Neil Murray (Whitesnake), Barend Courbois (Vengeance).


Guitars: Jgor Gianola (U.D.O.), Andy Midgeley (Powerquest), Ira Black (Ex-Vicious Rumors, Lizzy Borden), Torsten Koehne (Edens Curse), Doc Heyne (Biss), Tommy Denander (Dan Reed, Paul Stanley), Nadja Kossinskaja (Peter Maffay), Freddy Scherer (Gotthard), Olaf Lenk (At Vance), George Solonos (Tommy Lee)


Keys: Alessandro Delveccio (Glenn Hughes, Ian Paice), Ferdy Doernberg (Axel Rudi Pell, Rough Silk)


Drums: Gereon Homann (Eat the Gun)


Check out the video for "Reptile's Kiss"





Pretty good stuff!!! :headbanger:

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