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Crutchfield is as awesome as Geoff thinks he is. Unparalleled customer service; seriously, these guys could function as the model for other businesses on how to treat your customers. I just used them a few months back to replace the stereo in my truck, as I wanted something that was iPod-compatible. When I broke the mounting bracket by accident during installation (totally my fault), they overnighted me another one at no charge (a $27 piece of equipment, mind you). Yep, if you're in the market for some electronics, you can't go wrong with Crutchfield.

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I used to get their catalogs in the mail all the time... I don't even know how I ended up on their mailing list in the first place, cuz I can't remember ever buying anything from them (I was a broke college kid and the kinda stuff they sold was a little too rich for my blood at the time)...I guess they got sick of me not ordering from them cuz they stopped sendin'em after a while.

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the reason I'm asking is my wife has started working there. if anyone orders from there and would like to help us out (she gets comission but the company monitors each call to make sure reps are not pushing something on a customer they don't want) let me know and when she gets her training done I'll give her extintion and you will be able to help a heavy harmonies brother out. :headbanger::whistle:

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