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Uncle Tom's Cabin question

66 mustang

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saw this posted elsewhere thought you all would know 100% for sure


most people don't know that there is an additional part to this song that was never recorded. It went: Two months later;when the heat died down, tom and I went back to where the bodies went down; hidden in the willows, tucked among the weeds; was a letter to whomever, no-one thought we'd see. Uncle tom he read it, siliently at first, then he read it to me, verse by wicked verse. It told a dirty story it told about a lie, but if we told it to you, all of us would die.......


it fits so is it true?

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    • Agree on the production....Thought the same myself.  Like you say, hard to explain.  Just a little thin or something in spots. I do like the 2 new tunes though.  And Fire It Up seems to have quite a bit more life to it to my ears.   The 2nd half of the album isn't doing much for me with some of the song choices there but decent filler album nonetheless I guess.     
    • Teaser sounds pretty good. Seems way too early for a new album though.  I suppose my guess would be it's a leftover from the last album recording sessions but maybe some kind of compilation or something is coming. Hoping for something that stands out a little more than most of the stuff on the last album did for me.  That last album just didn't grab me much.  I think I have 2 songs from it in my main playlist (Hardest Part is Losing You and Children of the Night) and the rest just kind of bounced off me.  It was a little weird though...Didn't dislike anything on it and sounds fine.  Just not very memorable or something.  
    • New vid for “Tell Me What You Want” dropped this morning…  
    • Video is out: ACCEPT on “Humanoid”: “The song plays with the omnipresent topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI). In a strange way, we have entered exciting times now... This Digital Revolution has a huge impact, probably bigger than anything humankind has ever gone through. The Industrial Revolution was huge, but this might be even bigger, and we're just at the beginning of it. However, I'm also a little afraid that humanity gets lost and pushed aside in all this stuff. The song is pretty impactful and provoking!” ————— Song is just “ok” for me; I’m hoping there’s much better on the album, and they’ve just released this one first since it’s the title track. 
    • Nice...maybe they have a compilation coming out ..a bit like Crazy Lixx and this is from that?
    • Ya, when I saw the teaser on fuckbook, I was shocked…such a great surprise.  Hope it’s a great song!
    • Not stellar, but candidly waaaay better than I was expecting.
    • Not going to disagree with this. They've really not changed their sound much across their discography. Either you like it or you don't.
    • New single 'Apocalypse Blues' out tomorrow    
    • Not quite sure about this one. The new (?) songs are good and the re-works of the 'Riot Avenue' songs do sound better than the originals (there is a but coming). 'Sword And Stone' is okay but should have been left in Bonfire's very capable hands. This version pales significantly compared to that one.  Anyway, I guess the idea of the re-recordings is decent here. For the most part the production sounds better, but, there's a problem. And without being a sound guru, I'm not sure exactly what it is. There is what I believe is an issue with the treble area in the final sound, most noticeable in the first song. I don't know the exact way to explain this stuff, but the best way to describe it is that it sounds like a well produced album, at a really low bitrate. Instead of 320kbps it just sounds like it's coming through the speakers at 64kbps... even at a high bitrate. Irritating and something I can't shake, but there's good bits to it too.    
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