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R.I.P. Scott Columbus (November 10, 1956 — April 4, 2011)


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From http://www.manowar.com/


Scott Columbus, Rest In Peace

Tuesday - April 05, 2011


It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of our brother Scott Columbus.


Scott Columbus was a rare talent and equally a rare individual.


He was a father, a friend and a brother of metal.


All of the great moments we spent together in the studio, in our homes and on the road are burnished in our hearts and memories forever.


These words are spoken with heavy hearts but we have the comfort of knowing that he is in a good place and at peace.


He will never be forgotten.


Your family and brothers,

Joey, Eric, Karl, Donnie


And all at Magic Circle Music





Columbus rose to prominence in the early '80s after replacing Manowar drummer Donnie Hamzik. Following Manowar's 1988 album 'Kings of Metal,' Columbus parted ways with the band. He later returned to the group in 1995 and played on 'Warriors of the World,' 'Louder Than Hell, and 'Gods of War' before leaving in 2008.


It has been said that Columbus was such a powerful drummer that his drums had to be made of stainless steel in order to withstand his punishing blows. His kit became known as "The Drums of Doom."


The cause of his death has not yet been determined.




R.I.P. Scott.... was just listening to Kings of Metal earlier today. Another soul leaves us way too soon...

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Well, that's a bummer. Hopefully he's drinking a flagon of mead whilst being serviced by the lady warriors of Valhalla as we speak.


R.I.P. Scott. Hail and Kill! :beerbang:

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What a shocker. I hadn't heard anything about him being sick at all but I knew he left the band two years ago and Donnie was back. Scott was a great drummer and just killed for that band for years. Again 54 is way to young to be dying. Hail to Scott Columbus the almighty Thor!!! :banger:

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Even the other day i was reading a interview by him, some well deserved dirt regarding Mr. Joey DeMaio and how he runs the band (Manowar)


He was also talking about creating some of his own music, getting it ready for release soon, so it was quite shocking to get these news related to someone who had so many plans for the future ..


RIP Scott.

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