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Electric Boys - And Them Boys Done Swang


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Listened to this CD all the way down to the bar and back last night and I must say that these guys have outdone themselves. It has the elements of Funk-O-Metal Carpet Ride, Groovus Maximus and Freewheelin' all rolled into one CD. Production is top notch, musicianship is top notch and they haven't lost a beat since 1990. It's chalk full of guitar chops, goofy/fun lyrics, thumping drums and grooving basslines. Highly recommended!


This sucker is in my top 5 already.







1 Reeferlord

2 My Heart´s Not For Sale ***

3 Father Popcorn´s Magic Oysters ***

4 Angel In An Armoured Suit ***

5 Ten Thousand Times Goodbye

6 The House Is Rockin' ***

7 Welcome To The Hight Times

8 Sometimes U Gotta Go Look For The Car (Instrumental) ***

9 Put Your Arms Around Me ***

10 The Day The Gypsies Came To Town

11 Rollin' Down The Road ***

12 A Mother Of A Love Story ***

13 Chickalicious (Bonus) ***

14 Down On Shakin' Street(Bonus)

15 Nowhere To Go But Up (Bonus)



*** Favorite Tracks

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This is sorta like the last Extreme, in the sense that despite my not really getting into it, I can't help but give the band its props for a quality release. In other words, it's not my style but I get the love for it.

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