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The Pro Bowl.....


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Maybe my American friends can clarify this one for me. Why in the hell is the Pro Bowl the week before the Super Bowl?


Maybe die hard fans are in such need of NFL football that on the off week between the Conference Finals and the Super Bowl they try and make people watch this shit game. I know nobody watched it after the season but this is stupid. The two Super Bowl teams aren't even represented in the damn game!?!?!?


The Pro Bowl makes flag football look like a contact sport.


The only all star game in pro sports that actually ressembles a regular game is the MLB all star game. The NHL and NBA ones are offensive shootouts and the Pro Bowl takes away the basic element of football.... real tackling.

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Aside from a free trip to Hawaii and lots of golf for the players, the Pro Bowl is just an item that the players can put on their resume for when the negotiate contracts.


I never watched it when it was after the Super Bowl and I'll never watch it since they moved it before the Super Bowl...which I agree is just stupid anyway as the players on the Super Bowl teams don't go so they find substitutes.


Super Bowl is just under 7 days away, let the countdown begin. I can't wait!

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Agreed that the move to prior to the Super Bowl was a bad move. Think of some of the players who got the opportunity to go to the PRo-Bowl that can't because they are practicing for the Super Bowl.


The game has always been kind of like when you and your buddies get together and drink too many beers and play in the mud and rain bowl, which is fine and fun to see the comradery.


Just think it should happen after SB...

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here is what I think should happen. The game between the conference championship and Superbowl should be between the losers of the conference championship. the incentive could be a boat load of money and an extra pick at the end of the 5th round. lets make it something to play for. they really could make the pro-bowl about something else besides the game. Remember when they use to have the "fastest player" or the strongest arm contest, most accurate? strongest bench press......? make it an event with a shortned game at the end. 8 minute qtrs or something.

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