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Towers Of London music videos

Captain Howdy

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Been listening to these guys again recently and thought I'd post a few videos here.

They tend to be lumped in as a punk band, but I think they are closer to earlier Crue or GNR than they are to the Sex Pistols, but they do have some Pistols influences.

Just waiting on their second album, which I didnt buy when it came out as I heard they changed their style to something more akin to Oasis, but got it off Amazon for just over £1.



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I have the first disc and it's fun sleazy punk rock.

I don't love but I did enjoy it and it reminded me a little of Shake the Faith but not quite as good. I didn't bother with the second disc as I had heard the their sound was much different.

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They were the darlings of the media for a short time over here...are they still an item or have they split? Haven't heard anything about them for a few years.

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Ok, finally listening to the second album, and its poor.

To be fair, its not a copy of Oasis like some people had been saying, but it lacks the sparkle and attitude of the first album.

Quite frankly, if I didnt know it was them, I never would have guessed who the band was.


I cant really describe the sound of this one, and I can fully understand why they sank without trace after they released this.

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