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'Wetlands' - Charlotte Roche


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I don't know if any / many males would be familiar with, or have read this book, but I'm curious. I'm still chewing my way through it at the minute but this is one f*cked up book! :lol: The shorts read that is about "one woman's obsession with her vagina." Sounds awesome? No, it is not.


I've read some pretty out there stuff both in terms of sexuality and violence, but this tops them all. It's outwardly seedy and makes me cringe on a page-by-page basis. It's about a woman who's had a hemeroid removed from her ass and as she's lying in the hospital recovering she takes us through all the habits of her vagina. From eating dried crust she peels from her vagina lips, to putting "smegma" from her vagina behind her ears as a perfume, to sex during her period... the book is just really messed up.


Am I the only one who has dared approach this thing?

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OH MY GOD.....That is just wrong. How on God's green earth are you STILL reading that??? :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes:

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I think I would rather read a story about a boy named Geoff who liked to stick his thing in random holes.

Give me two more years and it'll be on shelves... I hope.


And Chris, it is not easy, trust me. But I need to finish what I started.

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Geoff, that is hilarious and disgusting. What made you start reading this book in the first place? And are they not feeding this poor girl in hospital?

Haha, yeah it did start out pretty funny but at the moment it's just pretty much plain and simply grotesque. :lol:


What made me start? Well, back in June this year my wife and I went away to a farm for a long weekend with a group of friends. In the evening, once we were all well tanked, one of my wife's friends was talking about this book she was reading. It interested many so she whipped it out and started reading passages from it. In our drunken state we were all captivated by the vulgarity. Anyway, my wife then wanted to read it in full so I bought it for her (from CDWOW, lol) and she read it. Then afterwards she said I must read it. Probably assuming that because I have biographies from porn stars all over the house this'd be my thing... but it's not. :lol: But yeah, long story short it's actually one of my wife's books. Which doesn't mean much to anyone else, but considering my wife has shelves full of girly books like 'Confessions of a Shop-a-holic' and 'Sex & The City' type stuff, this was way out of her general genre.


As for if they're feeding her or not. The part about eating dried crust from her vagina is actually a flashback to her "normal" life, not just her hospital diet. Oh man, what an awful book. :lol:

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