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Rick Derringer – Demolition


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I was listening to a random selection of old stuff this morning and the theme tune of the old WWF tag team, ‘Demolition’ came on. It reminded me of simpler times when I used to watch WWF many years ago, but more importantly it’s a great tune. I’ve since found out that the song is by Rick Derringer, an artist I have not listened to before (other than ‘Demolition’) and I’m wondering if he has done any other similar music? I’ve seen some blues/rock CDs on Amazon, but that’s not really my bag. The Demolition tune is a nice rock/metal song. Can anyone point me in the direction of any similar stuff by Derringer? :drink:

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Shall I take the silence as a "no"? Or maybe a "sod off"? ;)


I only know 'Guitars And Women' which is a great disc. Sorry can't help you much on this one!

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I have his album Good Dirty Fun, which is a pretty rockin album some top riffs all across it. I like it anyway haha! Party at the Hotel is a pretty cool/fun song.

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