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Stan Bush


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I like Stan's stuff, but recently over the last 2 or 3 of albums,although good, i haven't exactly been blown away with any of them to be honest. I'm hoping this new one is a little more consistent than previously. We shall see.

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Heard this one and it's... well, exactly what you expect it'll be. Good solid stuff with 89 songs about never giving up and believing in your dreams and never surrendering and always keeping the flame alive and keeping faith and holding onto your dreams... but like the last few CDs it's pretty harmless, solid melodic rock/AOR. It won't blitz anyone's top 10 this year, I don't think, but should rate pretty well. Solid, if not totally predictable.

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Well ive listened to it about 20 times now and i think its bloody great


AOR wet dream in my book.


Me too. One of his very best IMO...

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Good, solid album that has grown on me more with subsequent spins. 'More Than A Miracle' is the killer tune for me.

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