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A Totally Random Question

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OK, this is probably a hella long shot but I figure there are enough music geeks here with arcane knowledge that who knows, I might actually get an answer:


A couple of weeks ago I picked up Mr. Big's LEAN INTO IT at a yard sale. Decent disc (except for that godawful overplayed "To Be With You" anyway), but that's got nothin' to do with this post. I am wondering if anyone here knows the origin of the cover photo:




The reason I ask is cuz my 7 year old son (who's way into trains) saw the CD sitting on the table and was very interested in the picture. He asked me if I knew anything about it (i.e. where/when it was taken, if it was some sort of famous disaster, etc.) but I have no clue. I looked in the booklet and can find no credit for the cover photo or where it came from.


So I'm askin': does anybody know the history behind this sorta-famous (well, the Mr. Big album did sell a couple of million) photo, or at least anywhere on the Internet where I might be able to find some info? I'm sure there must be one hell of an interesting story behind it.

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Yep famous photo possibly from the USA??? I remember seeing it elsewhere just after the album was released on doing a double take.


I got no idea if it's from the USA or anywhere else for that matter. If you look right above the train car that's still hanging out of the building, the writing on the wall there appears to be in French (though I could be wrong) so I thought maybe this pic was taken in France somewhere. But that's just a wild guess on my part...

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Well, I guess this link is more informative. Interesting bit of history I never knew.




Good work detective Jeff. Now can you find my that shipwrecked treasure off the coast of Mexico..?

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WOW, Jeff! Kudos to you for your awesome investigative ability!! Thanks a zillion!! :beerbang:

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It's a very cool pic. I just made it my desktop background wallpaper on my computer at work. I have a feeling it will be especially fitting on Mondays. Interesting reading as well about the accident. I bet a fine for something like that nowadays would be a bit more than 50 francs.

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