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Bill Aucion dies

Captain Howdy

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William Aucoin, beloved record industry executive, manager, entrepreneur, and creative visionary, passed away this morning, Monday, June 28 at 9:11 am. EST at the Aventura Hospital and Medical Center in Aventura, Florida.


Born December 29, 1943, Bill was battling prostate cancer, and passed away from surgical complications.


The man known for masterminding the career of the world-renowned group KISS, Bill Aucoin also managed STARZ, TOBY BEAU, BILLY SQUIER, BILLY IDOL, and numerous other artists. His most recent venture is Aucoin Globe Entertainment, which he founded in 2007. In its three years, Bill and his company developed bands in the U.S. and around the world.


He leaves behind his boyfriend of fifteen years, Roman Fernandez, and two sisters Betty Britton and Janet Bankowski.


Funeral arrangements are pending.

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That's a shame. He was only 66? I would've thought he was older. Whatever.


I met Bill Aucoin at a KISS Convention/Expo here in NJ in '93 or '94. I have a cool vintage photo of him with the KISS guys that he signed for me. In addition to a bunch of photos and stuff he happened to have the original artwork pages from the famed Marvel Comics KISS Super Specials laid out on his booth/table so of course I geeked out BIG TIME looking at those. He and I chit chatted about Marvel Comics for a while as I flipped through them. He seemed like a very nice guy. R.I.P. Bill.



KISS' statement about Aucoin's passing from Kissonline.com:


Bill Aucoin, our irreplaceable original manager, mentor and dear friend has died of complications arising from his ongoing battle with prostate cancer. He was instrumental in guiding us from the beginning and without his vision, leadership and unending dedication, we could never have scaled the heights we have reached.


Bill loved life and lived it to the fullest. Words can never convey his impact on us or those close to him.


Over all the years, he never missed an opportunity to be with us at our shows near his home or fly in for special concerts, including our most recent Madison Square Garden show. He had hoped to attend our London show earlier this month but his illness prevented it. He still planned to visit us upon the start of our upcoming US tour.


We loved him, told him and have peace that he knew it.


We will grieve and celebrate all he was and did.


We have lost a part of us.

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Sad to hear this news. I met the guy once too. A few years back he came to my company Christmas party in Las Vegas. He was managing a band from MN. (I believe) called FLIPP. My boss was famous for getting cool entertainment for our parties. The year prior we had DANGER KITTY (yes, that Danger Kitty). A friend and I talked with Bill for well over 2 hours. It was cool to just sit and listen to someone who knew so much over a few beers. He was a really interesting guy and his Billy Idol stories were great. The guy sure loved music.


R.I.P. Mr. Aucoin ... :headbanger:

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In addition to taking on KISS when no one else would touch'em with a ten foot dildo (he bankrolled the tour that eventually became the first ALIVE! album on his American Express card for cryin' out loud! Talk about rolling the dice!), Bill Aucoin also rocked the most bitchin' mustache of the 70s. I offer this photo as proof:



Left to right: Bill Aucoin, KISS, Joyce Bogart, Neil Bogart


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Bill made my favorite band happen. In fact, I specifically said to him, "Thank you for making my favorite band happen" the one time that we met. It's interesting to think about the fact that he's actually had a massive impact on the music and pop culture of the last four decades when you consider what he did for KISS and everything that has come of KISS' contributions to the entertainment world.


Bill wasn't just a guy behind the scenes. He had a vision for KISS and saw it through. Without him, KISS certainly wouldn't have been nearly the same and may not have happened at all. Like Fat Freddy mentioned, he did A LOT for the band. I remember a funny story that he told. Back in the early days, Paul Stanley wanted to ask to borrow some money. He went into Bill's office and they began talking. However, Paul ended up leaving without asking to borrow the money. At some point, Paul eventually told Bill this story. When Bill asked him why he chose not to ask for money, Paul told him, "While we were talking, you put your foot up on your desk. I saw that you had a hole in your shoe and I realized that you didn't have any money either!" Those early days were scrappy, but Bill believed in KISS and the world thanks him for it.

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