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Alright Everyone!!


It's a beautiful sunny spring day (at least in MN!)!!! What a perfect day to be outside, enjoy the weather, tip an ice cold beverage :drink: and spin some great hard rock!!!


I challenge everyone that reads this to spin the Farcry~ High Gear CD!!! :guitbannana: I am sure everyone has it, and if you don't, well you should!!! :bowdown: Boardmember and Guitar Wizard Pete Fry is hard at work on the follow up to this excellent release, so it's about time we re-visit how great the debut is!!! :banger:


C'mon everyone, throw it in your car, boombox or Ipod and rock out!!! :party421:


From the opener "Love Won't Wait" until the final chords of "Those Were the Days", Rock it up!!!! :git:


You don't have to thank me right now, but after you spin it again, you can certainly send me a shout via this thread!!! :tumbsup:


Have a great Farcry Saturday Everyone!!! I know I will!!! :headbanger:



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Can I do it Sunday mate...I'm at work at the moment and it ain't to hand...haha! I gave it a outing on the CD player a few weeks ago and my little chap Ben asked me who it was, so it obviously grabbed his attention (anything to steer him away from JLS and Michael Jackson...he's only 7 so there's time yet), and I told him that he had actually met Pete when we went to Windsor a few years back....which he remembered but didn't realise it was guitar god Fry. Showed him the pic on the CD and impressed him even more with the old signed poster....which I still have to get framed......it was taken out of the tube with reverence. :lol:


I promise I'll spin it again tomorrow. :party421:

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Done and done. Farcry helped me recover from work last night when I got up this morning. Had the house to myself - everyone had gone out so I could sleep in peace....but I got up at 11 am (after 3 and a half hours sleep!) poured myself a black coffee and rocked. Ahhhh! :)....life can be very good at times.

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Woot!!! I had a great Saturday and spent every waking minute outside doing things, so I never did get back to the computer until this a.m.!


Great disc and wonderful Summer Time Tunes!!! Looks like more great weather is in store for the week too! :D

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Curse you guys and your use of a delicious season. Give it back. Now. On a positive note - although it is raining and absolutely shithouse weather at the moment, experts have predicted our warmest and driest (is that a word?) winter on record this year, so looking forward to it. But coming from beautiful Vanuatu back to rain, cold and misery is currently not cool.


Morale of the story - give me some sunshine and I'll put Farcry in the stereo. Until then I'll just hum the songs in my head. ;)

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