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Bon Jovi - Chile 1990

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Just watching this show on the interwebz, not as good as their MK Bowl gig in 89 but its a pretty damn good set! Even though Jon seems to be abit lazy with the vocals the band sounds tight as fuck :P anyone here got an audio boot of this show? I've recently decided that One Wild Night is a waste of time and money when they have so many other good live recordings floating around! I don't think i have any audio from their 95 London show either so it'd be great if someone had that too cause that was really what made me fall in love with music and Bon Jovi in the first place, ive already worn one copy of the DVD out and bought 2 more since then xD


Also, any other good Jovi shows from back in the day that i should check out? Either on youtube or better yet, audio bootlegs!! I've already found their Tokyo gigs from 85 and 08, aswell as the famous 89 MK Bowl one but i'm sure there's a lot more out there :P



Izzy :)

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Yes, I have a bootleg of Bon Jovi in Chile 1990, titled "Concierto". It is a 1CD FM broadcast of part of the show (not the full show). It is a silver pressed CD made by an Italian bootleg company which I don't remember the name (I'm not at home so I cannot check the name now). It is soundboard quality , and the only flaw it has is that in some parts of some songs you can hear the word "Concierto" (which I think is the name of the radio station that broadcasted the show)


Here's the download link (please moderator feel free to edit if I cannot post download links) : http://www.taringa.net/posts/musica/1009551/Bon-Jovi---Chile-90_%27-%28Excelente-sonido%29.html (I have not downloaded this one, but for the tracklisting I think is the "Concierto")

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Bon Jovi

Estadio Nacional, Santiago, Chile

6th February 1990

Soundboard Recording




01. Intro

02. Lay Your Hands On Me

03. I’d Die For You

04. Wild In The Streets

05. You Give Love A Bad Name

06. Fever

07. Born To Be My Baby

08. Let It Rock

09. I’ll Be There For You

10. Blood On Blood

11. Livin’ On A Prayer

12. Living In Sin

13. Runaway

14. Never Say Goodbye

15. Wanted Dead Or Alive

16. Bad Medicine



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I need a password for it :/


Here's the password. Credit goes to this blog where I pinched the link from.




Thanks man! :D


As well as that blog you should check out the Bon Jovi bootlegs here:



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I need a password for it :/


Here's the password. Credit goes to this blog where I pinched the link from.





sorry... the password is?



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I'm not a huge fan of bootlegs other than Whitesnake and snake related stuff but still this is a pretty interesting listen. The keyboards always seem more a part of Bon Jovi when you hear them live.

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Like i said originally, i dont think its as good as MK Bowl 89 or London 95 (which im still tryna find a bootleg of....cant be that hard since it was released on DVD) but this is still a decent show....Jon is out of breath for the most part but the rest of the band sound great and theres a good choice of songs here...


All i can say is, someone get me a time machine and take me back to 89 so i can see the Jersey Syndicate Tour!!! :P

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From memory it was 3 nights at Wembley Stadium in 95.

I have a feeling it was intitally two dates, that sold out quite quickly, so they added a third.


I was at the Saturday one (where Crown of Thorns played instead of Ugly Kid Joe, and were truly awful), and I remember that the Jovi set went on for something like two and a half hours (I think Van Halen played more than an hour themselves).



Look at that price. £21 for four bands at Wembley (Jovi/Halen/Thunder/Crown Of Thorns), and now the worst tickets at a Jovi gig are more than that.

Still amazing live (possibly even better), but way overpriced.

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On the Friday it was Ugly Kid Joe instead of Crown Of Thorns, but apparently they were crap as well (COT were awful as most of their set they had Little Steven singing his songs, and he was terrible), as some friends of mine went on the Friday who were UKJ fans.


Van Hagar were great, but Thunder were amazing, which was surprising as I never would have seen them as being the sort of band to excel at such a big venue. Of course, I later learned that they could put on a great show anywhere.

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