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Saw cuts & drill holes


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Did the place you bought the tapes at re-seal the cassettes themselves? I have seen that before with cds. They would put the cd in a new jewel case and seal them up so they looked like new. They weren't marked as used but if you asked they would tell you they were used and guaranteed them.

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or those dodgey record companies that "write off stock" on purpose (ie for tax purposes) so they drilled them before even sealing them. (ie they were gonna be drilled and written off all along).


that's the reason there are so many drilled discs.... and tapes by the sounds.


I always wondered why there were so many drilled/cut cds/records. Until i heard an intereview with a ex record company exec. Basically it's all a tax scam


works like this:


Record Company thinks artist X will sell 500,000 copies of their album.

They make 700,000 on purpose, full well knowing 200,000 are destined for the scrap heap.

They 500,000 sell at $15 each, which if you say they cost $2 to manufacture is a profit of 6.5 million

Now, the 200,000 they don't sell are written off at $15 each (ie a 3 million dollar loss on the books, even though these extra discs only cost 400,000 to make)

So come tax time.... did they make 6.5 million from that album? No, after writing off their losses they only make half that profit, and hence pay a shit load less tax.


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Did the place you bought the tapes at re-seal the cassettes themselves? I have seen that before with cds. They would put the cd in a new jewel case and seal them up so they looked like new. They weren't marked as used but if you asked they would tell you they were used and guaranteed them.



To be honest i'm not sure were we picked them up. Theres about 200 of them sealed. All different bands. I dont think they are all cut or drilled. Ill just have to open up a couple and see if it looks used.


I picked them for a couple resons. There was a band I had never seen before. I think it was called Intice. The other reason was I can get 10.00 a pop on sealed cassettes on ebay. Unless there rare I can barely get 7 or 8 bucks a cd.

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I opened a couple but there was no way to tell if they were new or not. However 1 warning flag came up. One of them has the insert cut but not the case. This leads me to believe that item had the case changed out.


I dont know if you all remember back to the day of cassette tapes but the packaging was done a certain way. They would fold the ends and then glue. I found one of those in this lot and the drill hole is through the plastic and case. Legit markings


Many of these are vaccuum sealed with a seam running around 3 edges. That looks to be repackaging. Glad I noticed this or I would have probably been in a world of shit listing on ebay as new.

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If the wrap has a visible seal, it was most likely resealed by a middle level distributer/wholesaler because they recieved them unsealed (or with torn wrap) from the factory. They are the ones who end up with the cut-out stuff. It is prob new, never used, but you should be able to tell by looking at the tape/inserts.


If it has the neat folded seal, it was prob sealed at the factory, possibly pre-drilled, or cases may have been replaced.


Either way, I would say they are prob new, never used. There is a sightly greater than average chance, however, that they may be defective, they often get mixed in with the cut-outs. JMO

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