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Turkish hard rock?


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I am over in the lovely country of Turkey, Ankara to be exact, with a few days to kill.

On the off chance any know of any Turkish bands I should try to locate a cd of before I come home?


I did find this band called Maskara. The music is ok but the lyrics are Turkish. I might grab it anyway.




Anyway, any suggestions anyone? :whistle:

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Aaaaack.... I know I started a thread around here about a Turkish metal band several years ago, but I'm damned if I can remember their name now...


*edit* Found'em! On a whim I put "Turkey" in the search field and it came up... they were called GLORIAN, no idea if they still exist tho. This thread is from '06!



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If you are into progressive metal try a band called COMMA they sing if memory serves me in eglish and sound like DERAM THEATRE I have 2001 release intitled ELUSIVE DREAMS if you find any other titles by them pick one up for me and I'll pay you double what you paid for it plus shipping thanks

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Nice, mate. Out of curiosity, what the hell are you in Turkey for? :lol: Business, or pleasure of the flesh? Don't spend too much time in CD shops, mate, get out there and explore that mofo! Have fun. :)

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Ha! I awake to find a few suggestions, cool, thanks guys.


I wish it was for pleasure of the flesh (I like that term Geoff and will steal it to use sometime in the future). Mrs. Jeff is Turkish so we are sightseeing and visiting family. This is my 4th time in Turkey. Though we met in the US, we married in Turkey. This ıs one of the few tımes I have had to rest and relax because her famıly lıkes to show me all parts of Turkey when we vısıt...whıch ıs cool. We went to a popular show last nıght that had some belly dancers that I wouldnt mınd some pleasures of the flesh wıth. :tits:


James, I will keep an eye out for Comma for you...but I would never charge you (or anyone else) double. I would just convert ıt from Turkısh lira to dollars and shıp ıt on south to ya. :)


Well, the Badluck would seem lıke the one that most fıts but would probably be the hardest to fınd. My wıfes brother says Istanbul would have been a better bet than Anakara for cds. He dıd say thıs band would be easıer to fınd ıf I lıke Iron Maıden and Metallıca:




For some of you ınto the heavıer stuff (Freddy?), there ıs a poster pıc of a show on thıs websıte that lısts some band names...maybe some to check out.

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Well, Turkey is certainly not the center of the universe for used cd's (or new for that matter) when it comes to our music. ;)


I only spent a few hours in downtown Ankara and here is what I found:

1. There are a few of those hole in the wall "stores" that download the mp3's and make CDR's with printed artwork. I came across one of those stores and they had some stuff we listen to. I didnt bother buying any of it. I think they wanted $10 for 4 CDR's. I did flip through them quickly and saw Wig Wam, Tora Tora and a few others.

2. Most of the new cd's are in book stores.

3. I was told Istanbul was my better chance for new and used cd's. Makes sense.

4. I found every single Twisted Sister release at each store which I thought was strange. So I grabbed You Cant Stop R&R, Love Is For Suckers and Come Out And Play. All brand new and appear to be originals (one printed in Germany).

5. I also bought 2 Pentagram cd's, Anatolia and 1987

6. James, you must be lucky, my wife asked about Comma at every store went to and she found you a cd called "Free As God". I'll PM you later.

7. Also had my wife and brother in law ask about Badluck and one store that new music said "good luck" ever finding that one. Maybe Istanbul if I really searched all the stores.

8. Finally, the best for last. They happened to have the grand opening of the 2nd Best Buy in Turkey while I was there. So I had to see what that was about. Not a lot of CD's but I did happen to find Sebastian Bach's Angel Down for what was the equivalent of $9. I get back to the house, rip open the plastic and right away I can see fingerprints on the inside of the booklet. I then check the cd and someone had taken a sharp object and purposely scratched the daylights out of the playing side of the cd. So I ended up back at Best Buy a few days later and they dont have a return policy I guess. So I exchanged it for Faith No More's We Care A Lot Greatest Hits....which I think is used too but in Like New condition so whatever.


Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. I will have to try Istanbul someday when I return for the next inlaw visit.

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