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Andrew "Mac" McDermott

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This is from www.melodicrock.com

Powerworld, the band around Ilker Ersin (ex-Freedom Call), Barish Kepic (ex Jaded Heart), Nils Neumann (ex Freedom Call) welcomes two high-profiled new members in the line-up: Andrew "Mac" McDermott (ex Threshold) joins the Nuremberg, Germany based outfit on vocals and Achim Keller (Victory) takes over the drums. The five-piece is currently working on the recordings of their second release which will be entitled "Tame Your Demon". Metal Heaven will announce a release date for this product soon.

WebLink: www.powerworld.org / www.metalheaven.net.


I dont know why my links arent working!! :(

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MAC was the reason Threshold started to suck IMO. Can't say I'll be keeping an eye out for this one even though I do like Freedom Call.

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MAC was the reason Threshold started to suck IMO. Can't say I'll be keeping an eye out for this one even though I do like Freedom Call.


Wow, I would say that I 100% disagree with that comment.


For me when he joined Threshold, they definitely recorded their best stuff and arguably improved with every release to the point that 'Dead Reckoning' was a virtually flawless prog metal release and probably my fav of the whole genre.


To each their own I guess.

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