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"asteroids" record borken after 28 years!


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A VIDEO game addict clocked up a new high score on arcade classic "Asteroids" - smashing the previous record set 28 years ago.


Locksmith John McAllister, 41, played the simple joystick-controlled shooting game for 58 hours straight to rack up 41,338,740 points, The Sun reported.


The marathon gaming session was even broadcast live over the internet from his pal's basement in Portland, Oregon.


"The Asteroids high score record is considered a holy grail. It's a title that a lot of people would want, and I wanted it," he told KGW-TV.


The previous high score of 41,336,440 was set by 15-year-old Scott Safran in 1982 - the longest-held high score of all time.



McAllister went without sleep during his game, which could not be paused, and racked up enough extra lives to dash to the toilet without getting a game over.


His score needs to be verified by official referees before he is entered into the record books.


Asteroids was released in arcades in 1979 by computer giant Atari. The player controls a spaceship and the goal is to shoot down asteroids and flying saucers

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I always sucked at Asteroids. I can't imagine playing a single game for 58 hours straight.


But hey, if you got that much free time on your hands, what the hell eh?

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That was my favorite Atari game.


Rusty: Ya' got Asteroids?

Cousin Dale: Naw, but my dad does. Can't even sit on the toilet some days.

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